How Automotive Live Chat Can Increase Leads (W/Examples)!

Are you wondering how to use automotive live chat to increase leads? Then you came to the right place! 

The truth is that since 2021 statistics show that customers are moving towards solving their automobile queries online, before heading to automotive dealerships and talking to car dealers.  

So, adding a free automotive live chat to your site sounds like the right move, if you want to send high-quality leads your way. But, how can an automotive live chat app help you generate more leads?

Keep reading and learn how live chat will be your key to unlocking car dealership lead generation on your website.

Here's what we cover:

Selling cars at the dealership vs selling cars online
The benefits of live chat for car dealerships
Use Cases of Car Dealerships Using Live Chat

Selling cars at the dealership vs selling cars online

In the automotive industry when shoppers browse cars at their local automotive dealership, in most cases, they are a captive audience to the car salesperson. 

You can easily tell which car the prospect is interested in, read their body language, and make sure to share the most important information the buyer needs to know to persuade them.


But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot figure these things out when the prospect checks out the products on your website.

Typically, this is how it goes online: a visitor comes to your website, browses for a bit, and then disappears when they leave for another website.

Without the right tools and active engagement, someone can click through your website and leave without you even noticing.

The buyer has the power in his hand to leave your website at any moment. So how can you as a car salesperson appear in front of the buyer before they bounce from your page? By using live chat software.

The benefits of live chat for car dealerships

Having an automotive live chat with 24/7 availability, and engaging with potential buyers through live chat on your website can help increase your conversion rate by 50%.

To get the most out of your live chat software and car chat app, you’ll want to treat the actions that a visitor takes on your website like it is their body language.

website visitor behaviour when car shopping

Think about it. 

If someone walked into your car showroom’s location and began circling the same car for more than a few minutes, you would approach them and assist them, right? 

In the same way, you should approach and assist customers with a visitor chat when they are showing interest in a particular car on your website.

Here are just a few of the useful benefits of a free car expert live chat for your site:

  • Targeting to capture warm leads
  • Add voice or video call options to live chat
  • Enhance customer experience 

How to get more car sale leads with targeting

When you use targeting rules, it allows you to open an automotive live chat to those website visitors who are warm leads. Some of our favorite targeting rules that reveal this for you are

  • Website and campaign URLs
  • Repeat website visitors
  • Time on page

This will allow you to save resources when it comes to engaging in live chat with every visitor that comes to your page.

targeting rules that help car sales reps

Video and voice calls make it easier to close a sale with live chat

Live chat provides a quick and convenient outlet for prospective car buyers to interact with a chat agent or salesperson. 41% of consumers prefer live chat support with chat operators in chat rooms.

To even further cater to the 32% of customers who prefer phone support, with an automotive live chat number, you can also provide a voice call option.

This is perfect when a prospect's concerns are a little too tricky to cover in the chat.

But, what’s the ultimate customer experience that brings the visitor as close to in-store car shopping as possible? Video chat.

video call for car dealerships

When you provide the option to activate a video call within the live chat, the visitor now can put a face to the service and also check out a live view of the car if they would like. 

With the giosg video calling feature, the customer can also decide whether they want to turn on their video or not. This is convenient for customers because it allows them to still have the in-person experience without feeling the pressure of showing their face on video. 

Live chat provides excellent customer support for car servicing too

By this point, you may be able to picture how live chat can give your sales the push they need in the online space. 

But, what happens when you have already acquired those customers? 

The automotive sector can also benefit from adding a chatbot auto repair or adding a live chat where customers can talk with a car mechanic.

live chat for car servicing

When you use live chat with auto mechanics to field these types of customer requests, you can minimize response time and keep your customers happy and loyal. 

On top of this, your customers will feel more secure knowing that they can chat with a mechanic for free if they have any issues.

Use Cases of Car Dealerships Using Live Chat 

K-Auto emphasizes targeting with their live chat

Let’s look at one of our successful cases of an auto reseller using live chat brilliantly on their website.

live chat automotive customer case


K-Auto is one of the biggest car resellers in Finland and they wanted to improve their customer experience and how they communicate with customers. The solution they went with was giosg live chat software.

What’s most impressive is the emphasis K-Auto puts on their target groups to make sure the live chat activates in front of the right people. 

For example, they have solved complex logistics with the help of live chat targeting. This has helped them direct visitors’ chats to the correct dealership, car servicing agent, or salesperson based on topic or location.

With live chat, K-Auto has seen an astounding 30% conversion rate of chats to leads.

Riddermark Bil sells over 30 cars through live chat per month

Another one of our successful live chat users was Riddermark Bil, one of Sweden's largest car dealers.

This car dealership knew the importance of enabling a digital channel since they had 100,000 website visitors per month and 10 dealership locations across the country. Thus, they sought out Giosg’s live chat solution. 

riddermark Bil live chat solution

Riddermark took advantage of the live chat’s analytical reporting features to help gain insights about their website visitors. This helps them identify and engage with prospects with personalized messaging.

With live chat at their fingertips, Riddermark became one of Sweden’s first auto dealerships to take the car buying process completely online. Now, they are selling over 30 cars per month through their live chat, all online.


To summarize, as we live in a digital world, shoppers are more likely to shop online. Using automotive live chat you can increase your leads and help you successfully convert. 

With chatbots, live chats, and video calls targeting and giving the right support you can give them that little push they need to make the big purchase.

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