K-Auto Transform Their Customer Experience With Online Interactions

Find out how K-Auto has achieved impressive results by transforming their customer experience and developing their customer communication with online interactions. 

The Background

The automotive industry has evolved drastically in recent years. Sales processes and customer buying journeys have changed. Car purchasers now spend their time researching and making purchase decisions online. If car dealerships don’t provide excellent customer experiences online, the number of lost potential customers can be in the thousands. 

K-Auto set out to improve their customer experience and the way they communicate with  customers through a proactive live chat service for sales and customer service teams, as well as chatbots, interactive banners and other elements to support website visitors and online  marketing efforts. 

“Kesko Corporation has one of the world's best grocery stores, so why wouldn't we also have the best car dealership?”, a member of K-Auto’s chat development project stated.

K-Caara Automotive

The Solution 

The partnership between K-Auto and giosg began with a live chat channel for their rental car service and has since expanded to their other online services. Targeting their chat and other interactions has always remained a key theme.

K-Auto has targeted giosg Live Chat to various target groups. Chat conversations are routed to the right dealership, car servicing expert or sales representative based on the topic of conversation and geographical location. The aim is to ensure customers get the best possible experience online. 

The giosg application allows K-Auto’s sales teams to chat with customers and sales leads on mobile, when they are on the move. The app enables K-Auto’s car sales representatives to provide an efficient service regardless of their location. Chatting with customers on mobile has become a part of their day-to-day work and processes.


Chat is a low-threshold channel making it an easy way for customers to contact us. We can also provide customers with price information, product suggestions and guidance on K-Auto's products and services through live chat.” 

Customer Insight Specialist at K-Auto, Nico Numminen

Efficient chat routing is the secret to K-Auto’s success. They work closely with a customer service outsourcing partner that takes care of their customer service chat. giosg’s overflow feature also ensures that sales chats are directed to their outsourcing partner when K-Auto’s sales representatives are not available.  

In addition to chat, giosg Interaction Builder is used to create interactions for marketing purposes and to enhance their customer experience. 

With this diverse tool, K-Auto is able to create interactions, from lead generation banner ads to post-chat customer satisfaction surveys. The tool is also used to build chatbots that guide visitors to the right car model or brand, and to their various car services.

The Results

giosg’s tools have introduced K-Auto to a new way of communicating with their customers and visitors online, which has significantly improved their digital customer experience.

Their chat channel has grown exponentially and between 2019 and 2020 usage grew by 30%. 

Despite the growth of the channel, K-Auto as been able to meet demands without increasing their human resources. This clearly demonstrates the scalability of giosg tools, efficiency of K-Auto’s processes and successful cooperation with their outsourcing partner. 

Chat is also used for lead generation. The conversion rate from chat to lead is roughly at 30% which represent a vast quantity of leads coming just through the chat channel.

K-Auto giosg Customer Success Story

As website visitors expect faster service every year, K-Auto has been able to exceed customer expectations and provide a top-notch experience online with their real-time chat service and digital interactions. 

The Future

K-Auto plans to further develop their digital interactions with the help of giosg Interaction Designer.

The cooperation between giosg and K-Auto will continue to play an integral part in the expansion of K-Auto’s live chat service. Open and active discussions in biweekly development meetings have proved to be beneficial and will continue in the future as well.


“Cooperation with giosg is excellent. Solutions are flexible and enable us to provide a quick and efficient digital service. We are able to genuinely connect and converse with our customers online.”   

Nico Numminen, Customer Insight Specialist, K-Auto