Riddermark Bil Makes Purchasing Cars Online Easy

In 2020, as a natural part of the company's digitalisation, which was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, an in-house sales department was started with 10 new sales people. In order to interact directly with their customers online, Riddermark decided to implement giosg Live Chat on their website and in their car adverts on Bilweb, a giosg partner and one of Sweden’s biggest online car marketplaces. 

The challenge

Like many car dealerships, Riddermark found the first steps towards digitalisation challenging. With 10 dealerships, more than 2000 cars for sale and over 160 employees, Riddermark needed to find an efficient solution that would enable their sales representatives to easily engage with customers online.

Furthermore, with over 100 000 website visitors every month, Riddermark understood the importance of identifying, engaging and supporting visitors online in every stage of the buying journey. Providing a live chat service on both their website and third-party sites such as Bilweb would help them solve this challenge.

Riddermark implements giosg Live Chat to boost sales and serve customers efficiently

The Solution 

After an initial meeting with giosg, Riddermark was confident that giosg’s data-driven live chat solution would meet their needs. Giosg Live Chat would allow them not only to chat with their target audience in real-time, but approach visitors with the right message, at the right time and in the right place. 

Riddermark liked the idea of using our analytical platform to identify, engage and interact with visitors. Together with their sales representatives, live chat has enabled Riddermark to personalise their messages based on the visitor behaviour. 

Furthermore, Riddermark’s chat agents are now able to segment visitors on their website, with giosg “rooms”. Each room refers to a different page on the website such as, Buying cars, Selling cars, Services, Support and so on. This set up allows Riddermark to organise agents in teams that are responsible for each visitor segment providing a better customer experience.

“We are happy with giosg Live Chat. It’s clear and easy to use for our sales representatives. The possibility to personalise messages and target different visitors is fantastic”

Mathias Loryd, Chief Marketing Officer, Riddermark Bil (2020)

The Results

The improvements to Riddermarks’ online channel and customer experience have positively impacted  both sales results and engagement. With dedicated chat agents who can deliver meaningful and relevant information at the right moment, Riddermark is able to successfully sell over 30 cars through live chat every month. 
Riddermark is one of the first car dealerships in Sweden to take the entire process of buying a car online. Customers are offered essential services digitally, such as the delivery of the car, 360-degree images, financing options, insurance, car warranties and more.

With sales representatives providing support online, customers are more willing and confident to complete their purchases online. Riddermark has noted that a majority of cars sold were initiated by agents through live chat.