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Bring your team to your website with Video Bots. Share your story, products, and content in your voice in your own videos. Create personal, authentic experiences that connect and convert.

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customer experience

Speak directly to customers using your voice and video for personal engagement. Customize our Video Bots to be your brand's digital ambassadors, conveying your unique message in an authentic way.

sales engagement

Deliver your sales message with the authenticity of your own recorded video and build trust that encourages more meaningful interactions.


lead generation

Use Video Bots to attract and qualify genuine leads that connect with your brand. Craft compelling videos tailored to your audience's preferences to capture leads effectively. Integrate brand storytelling into the customer journey to ensure your message stands out.

About video bots

Frequently asked questions

What is a Video Bot?

Video bots are chatbots that incorporate video content into interactions. They engage users with personalized videos and scripted responses to guide conversations and provide information.


Instead of text-based conversation structure, the flow of the conversation happens by visitors watching a short video clip and deciding the next step based on what they viewed, resulting a more engaging experience.

Why should I consider using Video Bots for my business?

Video Bots humanize online interactions, boosting engagement and conversions. They convey your message authentically, enhancing customer experience and lead generation.

Can I use videos from my Vimeo or YouTube account?

Yes, you can! Giosg's Video Bots allow you to use links directly from YouTube and Vimeo. In this case, either a YouTube or Vimeo video player will be embedded inside your Video Bot. 


We especially like the clean look of the Vimeo video player inside our Video Bots.

Can I use my own video files with Video Bots?

Yes, you can! As a premium feature, our Video Bots allow you to use your own video content hosted on Giosg's platform. 

This option comes with the video hosting fees according to your storage and viewing count needs. 

Do I need technical expertise to create and use Video Bots?

No, you don't. Video Bots are designed for ease of use and require no coding skills.

We will help you get started with Video Bots with whatever you'd need to have them on your website.

Are Video Bots customizable to match my brand's style?

Absolutely! Video Bots can be fully customized to reflect your brand's colors, logos, and visual identity.

Are there any industry-specific use cases for Video Bots?

Yes, Video Bots can be tailored to industry-specific needs, such as virtual tours for real estate or product demonstrations for tech companies, making them versatile for various sectors.

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