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Chat is more than a support channel. Turn your visitors into happy customers more efficiently than ever with our all-in-one live chat platform.

Trusted by 1200+ companies worldwide

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✔️ Easy implementation

✔️ Bank-grade data security

✔️ Integrations

✔️ Live chat with video calls

✔️ 30+ targeting rules

✔️ Real-time reporting

Live Chat that makes it easy to prove its worth

Our live chat platform is barely just a live chat. With it, meaningful customer conversations become an integral part of your online experience. Your users will find it easy and efficient to manage chats in real-time, no matter the number of conversations, and ensure personal customer service and sales support.


conversion rate from
chat to purchase


higher average purchase value


more chats handled
by the same agent


Say hello to
sell and support

Meet your customers in truly live chat conversations. Our platform is designed for efficiency as users are able to handle multiple simultaneous conversations in a clear interface with tools to make sales and support as easy as possible. 


Our live chat comes with:


✔️ Platform with a multi-chatting UI

✔️ Flexible chat routing system

✔️ Chat qualification tools

✔️ Strong authentication integrations

✔️ Upselling tools

Solve customer cases in text, voice, and video

Take your live chat to the next level with real-time video and voice calls. Some cases are easier to handle via calls which makes the flexibility of having multiple channels a must. You can start with a text-based live chat and turn it into a video call when the need arises.


✔️ HD video calls

✔️ Screen sharing

✔️ Call routing

✔️ Click-to-call


Go personal in the most secure conversations

Our live chat follows the highest data security standards. We have customers in banking, health care and other high-security industries and certifications to back up our commitment. With giosg, you can trust that your conversations remain between you and your customers.


✔️ GDPR compliant

✔️ ISO 27001 certified

✔️ Strong authentication integrations

✔️ giosg VAULT for data encryption

✔️ Consent management

✔️ Data stored in the EU



Integrate giosg easily to your existing systems

We have built multiple native integrations and partnered up with solution providers worldwide to make connecting giosg to your existing tech stack as easy and fast as possible.


With our groundbreaking integration tool, no integration is beyond us. If we don't have it, we will build it.


✔️ Salesforce

✔️ Genesys

✔️ HubSpot

✔️ Zendesk

✔️ WhatsApp

✔️ Messenger

      and more




Other reasons you'll love giosg

First Benefit of giosg live chat software

chat routing

Automatically route chats to the right salesperson, team, or outsourcing partner based on visitor information or chat agent availability.

Second benefit of giosg live chat software

Multi-channel service

Connect WhatsApp and Messenger with giosg and turn them into effective sales channels with clear reporting and channel management.

Third benefit of giosg live chat software

Only meaningful
live chats

30+ different targeting rules make sure you offer your service to the right visitors in a meaningful way on your website.

Fourth benefit of giosg live chat software

Live chat with upselling tools

Our shopping cart integration enables your agents to see inside your visitors' cart so they can upsell, cross-sell, and give support efficiently.

Fifth benefit of giosg live chat software


Gain quick and timely insights into your live chat conversations, response times, lead conversions and sales in real-time.

Sixth benefit of giosg live chat software


Make sure your chat fits your website and your brand by easily customizing its look and feel from colors to icons and animations.

Case studies

Yliopiston Apteekki


Yliopiston Apteekki (The University Pharmacy) is the biggest pharmacy in Finland. They are known for providing excellent customer experiences and leading the way with their digital customer service.

We have helped them grow their digital sales channels by 10x during our long partnership which has also seen their chat service becoming their most popular service channel. 

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Accelerate your sales with live chat

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