Increase your sales, marketing and customer service efficiency with giosg Live Chat
giosg Live Chat

Engage customers with AI-powered chat

Increase sales, marketing, and customer service efficiency with the world's leading AI-powered chat solution. Get your chat service up and running in just minutes to better engage your customers and boost your sales!

giosg swimlane interface makes it easy to reach out to current and potential customers

Support customers 7X more efficiently

Reach out to your current and potential customers in live chat and enable customer service agents to manage 7 conversations on average simultaneously. Our swimlane view provides one seamless interface for engaging with multiple customers on your website, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

See in real-time which visitors are on your website, where they have come from, and which pages they have visited to start conversations that help your visitors find answers and make purchases.

Accelerate your sales funnel

Power up your business with a proactive and intelligent live chat. Track your visitor behaviour to connect with your most valuable leads and customers, and move them through your marketing and sales funnels faster than ever before.

Automate, target, and customise your lead generation and sales chats with rule-based workflows to produce high-quality leads and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Increase sales and connect with potential customers with Giosg Live Chat
Pull customer data from your CRM system to improve first resolution time with giosg Live Chat

Resolve customer problems faster

Provide extraordinary customer experiences by chatting proactively with your online customers. Pull customer insights directly from your CRM to reduce response times and to resolve support tickets faster.

Improve first contact resolution rates by automatically routing tickets and customer inquiries to the most knowledgeable available specialist in your team or network. Use real-time reports to improve your customer service performance and to allocate resources efficiently.

“Giosg Live Chat platform has functionalities superior to other solutions. Giosg also provides personal support, feeding us new ideas on how to use their features to develop our business. This is something that truly adds value and helps us to develop our partnership further”

Anna Niemelä, Customer Service Manager
Neste Marketing & Services

Intelligent and efficient live chat

Giosg's easy-to-use interface help you support multiple customer at one time

Multichannel support

Support multiple customers from various channels in one easy-to use interface, whether from your website, Messenger or WhatsApp.

Transfer chats automatically with giosg smart routing

Smart chat routing

Set up automatic chat routing to active agents and transfer conversations to specialists to ensure chats never go unanswered.

Customise your giosg Live Chat look and feel

Customised chat

Fully customise your chat service to ensure the look and feel matches your brand and creates a memorable user experience.

Improve response time by creating canned responses in giosg Live Chat

Canned responses

Improve response times and help agents reply quicker by creating canned answers based on your frequently asked questions.

Giosg's seamless integrations to CRM and Marketing automation systems

Integrate seamlessly

Integrate all your chat data with your CRM or marketing automation software and generate tickets into your contact centre system.

Use giosg's real-time reporting to get timely insight

Real-time reporting

Gain quick and timely insights into the number of chats, website visitors, operator statistics and sales in real-time to improve your conversational marketing efforts.

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