Convert Customers with One-to-One Voice and Video Calls by giosg
Live Shopping | One-to-One

Selling just went live 🟢

One-to-one video calls give you the power to engage with customers in real-time when it matters most.

With a personalised and interactive shopping experience, customers become more confident in their buying decisions and your experts fulfill their sales potential.

One-to-One connects your shoppers and experts

Live one-to-one video connections make it easy for your experts to support your customers with your products and sell them the same way as if they would be in a physical store with you — the personal way.


Boost sales

Get the most out of your expertise and help your customers to find the best products for them.


Add a human touch

Be there for your customers when they expect a personal assistance when struggling with your automation.


Build an experience

Make your buyer journey into something they remember and recommend for their friends after leaving your site.

How it works

Your one-to-one service needs to simple for you and your customers.

1️⃣ Engaging your customers via interactive pop-ups and bots make sure your customers find your service on your terms.

2️⃣ Connecting your customers with your experts needs to be easy without any installations. Our one-to-one is a click-to-call tool where all happens in real time.

3️⃣ Selling needs to be easy and streamlined. Your experts can launch clickable product cards directly on top of video or continue the conversation in the chat.


Everything you need to sell and support

✔️ HD video

✔️ Screen sharing

✔️ Click-to-call

✔️ Easy privacy settings

✔️ Visitor information

✔️ Video recordings

✔️ Live chat

✔️ Product cards

✔️ Targeting

✔️ Real-time insights

✔️ Full screen

✔️ Browser-based

Connect conversations to the right teams with Voice and Video Calls by giosg.

Top use cases

What makes One-to-One such an excellent sales tool is its flexibility. It can be used for so many use cases depending on the company's needs. 


Some of our favorite use cases include:


🖤 Campaign products:

Boost your campaigns' sales conversions by adding a personal sales channel to the mix.


🖤 High-value items:

Help your customers with their critical purchase consideration that's common with high-value items.


🖤 Unfamiliar products:

Have your experts there to help customers understand your product and its features.

Start selling with One-to-One conversations today!

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