Transform your website for better online experience to engage HCPs

Better HCP engagement

We help digital marketers at pharma transform website experiences for better HCP engagement, online communication, and conversion rates with an easy-to-use engagement platform.

✔️Dedicated support ✔️Easy setup ✔️Simple to use

Everything you need from
an HCP engagement platform

We wanted to help healthcare professionals create more convenient and engaging relationships with pharmaceutical companies and with each other.

That's why we have combined different ways for HCP engagement in a single platform.


Schedule appointments

Connect healthcare professionals with your experts by scheduling only meaningful meetings with our targeting and qualification tools.


Engage with relevant content

Add relevant and customized content easily to your website and target them to the right visitors for higher conversion and better engagement.


Automate support and guide visitors

Support your HCPs fast by automating recurring questions with button-based chatbots that guide visitors to the right service and information.


Promote products and events

Introduce and recommend relevant products to the right visitors and offer them ways to engage with your events, guide downloads, sample orders and more.

Proven results


engagement rate


contact form
conversion rate


event registration form
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We help you create
the best possible engagement

We give you all the support you need to transform your website from static into engaging environment and to achieve your goals from the get-go. 


✔️ Turnkey solution with dedicated support

✔️ Design and optimization resource

✔️ Personal onboarding and training




Easy setup

We are not an IT project. We are all about the simplicity of the use and easiness of it.


Adding engaging services and elements to your website should be yours to control.


Just add our script and you're ready to go!



We come with integrations

We have built multiple native integrations and partnered up with solution providers worldwide to make connecting giosg to your existing systems as easy as possible.


"It’s sometimes challenging to work in a larger organisation where systems are centrally managed. This is a reason why we looked into giosg’s solution. One of our core tasks is to focus on how we can increase the engagement with healthcare professionals.”

Maikel van Kampen, Head of Digital Engagement,

Endless possibilities to engage with HCPs

✔️ Calendar tools

✔️ Event promotions

✔️ Newsletter subscriptions

✔️ Material downloads

✔️ Interactive order forms

✔️ Chatbots

✔️ Live chat

✔️ Video streams

✔️ Customer feedback tools

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