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How to design your chatbot personality that fits your business

Posted by Jenna Bunnell, on 23 September, 2022

Chatbots have evolved from merely functional tools. Now, chatbots are brand ambassadors. They are used in every sector—from e-commerce to gaming. A chatbot can significantly impact the customer experi...

How to increase Average Order Value (tips from e-commerce business owner that grew his by 55%)

Posted by Alina Lehtinen Vela, on 27 September, 2022

It has been a tough few months for e-commerce businesses, and many are looking for ways to increase their sales. A good way about this is to look at your Average Order Value. After all, it is much eas...

How to create an e-commerce website that boosts sales

Posted by Haley Osborne, on 27 September, 2022

Whether you are preparing to launch your first e-commerce store or already have established one, sales growth must be one of your top priorities.  

Five strategies to reduce your e-commerce product return rate

Posted by Samantha Brandon, on 14 September, 2022

For anyone that's running an e-commerce business, you'll often hear a large groan when it comes to the topic of returns. And it's easy to see why - not only do e-commerce businesses lose the profits f...

10 Best eCommerce Tools to Grow Your Business in 2022

Posted by Melanie Myil, on 27 September, 2022

Are you having trouble choosing the right platform from the e-commerce tool jungle? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Here are the 10 best e-commerce tools to grow your business in 2022. With the ...

How to optimize checkout page for maximum sales

Posted by Alina Lehtinen Vela, on 12 September, 2022

The checkout page plays one of the most critical roles in your e-commerce store. You can potentially lose a customer for life if the checkout process isn’t smooth or if it raises red flags among websi...

Sales Prospecting vs  Lead Generation: How to Maximise Each

Posted by Jessica Day, on 1 September, 2022

Like many business processes, prospecting and lead generation share enough similarities that they can look like the same thing from the outside. If you work in sales or marketing, though, then you kno...

Pro tips for fewer abandoned shopping carts on your e-commerce business

Posted by Alina Lehtinen-Vela, on 25 August, 2022

Abandoned shopping carts are one of the top issues e-commerce businesses want to tackle. Many factors influence shopping cart abandonment, so it can feel overwhelming to start optimising your checkout...

All the Stats You Need About Online Shopping Trends

Posted by Alina Lehtinen Vela, on 19 August, 2022

Online shopping has been on the rise for the past decade, and the global pandemic gave it an even bigger boost. With more and more demographics getting comfortable with online shopping, new trends hav...