Success Stories

Hundreds of giosg customers across the globe are already creating meaningful interactions online - find out how they have gotten amazing results!

JHL - Modernizing Customer Service with giosg

Kirsi Hahtomaa, an application specialist at JHL, Finland's largest trade union of the welfare sectors, shares their success story with giosg.

Secto Automotive Boosts Lead Generation with Live Chat and Targeted Bots

Learn how Secto Automotive leverages giosg's live chat and targeted chatbots to optimize their lead generation and achieve record-breaking conversion rates.

Why Furniture Industry Leader Sweef Chose Giosg Twice Over Competitor

We interviewed Kim Hedemyr, Head of Customer Relations at Sweef, to find out which decisive factors made them come back to Giosg after trying competitor’s products, twice – and how they are now utiliz...

IDA WARG Beauty Achieves 65% Conversion Rate ​​with Giosg's Product Quiz

Read about how IDA WARG Beauty increased their engagement, built their community and boosted their conversion rates on their website with a beauty award interaction and an interactive product quiz.

Wallpassion helps 48 % of incoming customer chats with advice & assortment matters

Good tech in combination with their correct use has made Wallpassion's chat more than a customer service channel. In this customer case, you can read about how Wallpassion utilizes Giosg's live chat p...

Virtasenkauppa gets 6x higher conversion rates with Live Shopping tried giosg's Live Shopping solution during their Black Friday campaign in order to improve their conversion rates on their website — with amazing results!

Tempur reaches 56 % conversion rate with Giosg’s personalised interactions

We interviewed Benny Pun, the E-Commerce Manager at Tempur, to ask how they're utilising Giosg’s platform to boost conversions, increase sales and provide better customer service through personalised ...

Novartis Increases Engagement with Healthcare Professionals – Achieves 87% Success Rate

We interviewed Maikel van Kampen, Head of Digital Engagement, to find out how Novartis Netherlands reaches higher conversions and understands their visitors' needs better with giosg solutions. In this...

DNA Automates 33% of Chat Conversations With a Button Chatbot

Discover how DNA automated their chat conversations with a chatbot and improved their employee satisfaction by reducing the workload!

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