Success Stories

Hundreds of giosg customers across the globe are already creating meaningful interactions online - find out how they have gotten amazing results!

Novartis Increases Engagement with Healthcare Professionals, Achieves 87% Success Rate

We interviewed Maikel van Kampen, Head of Digital Engagement, to find out how Novartis Netherlands reaches higher conversions and understands their visitors' needs better with giosg solutions. In this...

Bonti Suggests Products to Thousands of Shoppers with Interactive Quiz

Read more about how Bonti transformed its website into a more engaging place for visitors, and how they increased their sales through giosg's product Interaction Builder.

DNA Automates 33% of Chat Conversations With a Button Chatbot

Discover how DNA automated their chat conversations with a chatbot and improved their employee satisfaction by reducing the workload!

Danske Bank Acquires Customers Across an Online Partner Network

Danske Bank has been utilising the giosg network possibilities which allows the sales and customer service team to interact with customers 'whenever, wherever' outside of their own website.

Yliopiston Apteekki Uses giosg Live Chat to Grow Digital Sales by 10X

Yliopiston Apteekki (The University Pharmacy) is known for providing excellent customer service and is leading the way with their digital customer service. They provide personalised professional servi...

K-Auto Transform Their Customer Experience With Online Interactions

Find out how K-Auto has achieved impressive results by transforming their customer experience and developing their customer communication with online interactions. 

ALD Automotive Scales Customer Services by 15X

ALD Automotive introduces a responsive customer communication channel in the form of live chat and scales customer communication by a factor of fifteen!

Connells Increases Conversion Rate from 8% to 30% with giosg

Learn how we managed to take Connells Group’s live chat conversion rates from 8% to 30% with our powerful software tools.

Riddermark Bil Makes Purchasing Cars Online Easy

In 2020, as a natural part of the company's digitalisation, which was accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, an in-house sales department was started with 10 new sales people. In order to interact dire...