Serve your customers in real-time and support them online
Conversational Support Solution

Exceed customer expectations

Support customers in real-time and serve 7X more efficiently with giosg. Increase your customer retention and customer lifetime value by providing proactive support online.

Deliver excellent customer service

Keep your customers happy by smashing resolution and response times with customised bots, AI-powered live chat, and intelligent chatbots. Giosg helps to reduce inbound call volumes and free up your team to serve 15X more customers.

Automate customer care with giosg’s easy-to-use bots

Automate 1st line customer support with bots

Automate customer care with giosg’s easy-to-use bots and Interaction Designer that help you drive online engagement with customised interactions. Find new personalised ways to serve your customers while automating your first line support and enabling your customers to self-serve. Reduce your inbound call volumes by 26%

Serve 7X more customers in chat

Provide your customers with real-time support using live chat. Our swimlane user interface enables you to serve multiple customers simultaneously and increase service efficiency by 7X. By proactively starting conversations with your customers online, you can provide better customer service and increase customer satisfaction.

Serve multiple customers at the same time with giosg's swimlane UI
Giosg AI-powered and rule-based workflows help you anticipate customer needs

Improve customer intelligence with AI

Identify your most valuable customers and target them with the right interactions at the right time. Our AI-powered and rule-based workflows help you anticipate customer needs and provide answers to customer inquiries. Improved customer intelligence helps you personalise your customer service and deliver great customer experiences.

“Our chat service means that our expertise is always accessible to customers regardless of where they are. Our chat has now become the most popular customer service channel, more popular than the phone.”

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Katariina Lehtinen, Manager of the Pharmaceutical Information Services unit
Yliopiston Apteekki

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Increase your customer lifetime value
with giosg

Automate your first line support with bots with giosg

Optimise customer experience

Optimise your customer service efforts by automating your first line support with bots, and target contacts who need urgent assistance with live chat to provide personalised customer experiences.

Provide fast and professional support with giosg Live Chat

Reduce response times

Provide fast and professional support by automatically routing conversations to available agents across different teams or networks. Solve customer issues quickly and lever your first contact resolution rate to 70%.

Provide support across different channels with giosg integrations

Serve across channels

Make it easy for your customers to get support in their preferred channel. Improve customer satisfaction by providing service in channels where your customers are, like your website, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Chat with many customers at one time with giosg Live Chat

Improve customer service efficiency

Serve multiple customers at the same time with a great resolution rate. Reduce inbound call volumes and allow your agents to chat with 7 customers at the same time on average.

Use giosg chatbots to handle your basic customer interactions

Intelligent agent assistance

Let your chatbots assist you by allowing them to handle up to 80% of your customer interactions. Your customer service team needs to only take over conversations that require a human touch.

Get real-time insight on chat agents with giosg Reporting

Optimise resource allocation

Get real-time insight into the number of chats handled by operators and service times that indicate the busiest hours. Use giosg reporting to optimise resource allocation and the performance of your customer service team.

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