Exceed customer expectations

Giosg helps you create long-term customer relationships in scale. Automate what you can and serve your customers live with generative AI -powered chatbots and live chat, collect feedback, and give interactive, valuable, customer experiences.

Trusted by customer service teams worldwide

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Solution created for efficiency

We have built a solution where agents can serve multiple customers simultaneously and where teams have the tools to automate any requests that don't need their personal attention. Easy-to-use tools with clear reporting and integrations, all in one platform.


Handle 5x more chats by the same agent


Automate +50% of customer chats


Reach satisfaction scores of 95%


Automate your
first line support

Support your customers proactively and outside office hours by guiding them on your website, providing relevant information, and offering an easy way to contact you instantly with button-based chatbots or with AI chatbots — powered by generative AI

Serve 5x more customers live

People want people to support them when it comes to valuable and complex cases. Our live chat is designed so that your agents can serve and add value for up to 5 customers at a time with our multi-chat interface with features for maximum efficiency like AI Copilot, giosg's generative AI assistant for chat agents.


Deliver a personalized experience with context

Offer your customers a meaningful and tailored experience by triggering interactions based on visitor information and serve them in the right context by giving your agents a clear view on these information when starting and continuing conversations. 

Happy teams make happy customers

When your team is using tools they find easy, efficient, and even fun to use, your customers will feel it too, because excellent user experiences create excellent customer experiences. We have user-favorite tools that have been built based on a decade worth of research and customer feedback to make engaging with your customers as simple as possible. 


Capture feedback and continue improving

Customer feedback is a powerful tool that help you improve your service and the long-term growth of your business. Giosg's fully customizable feedback surveys are easy to use on your website and together with your live chat and chatbots.

We help you get started😊

We know that putting anything on your website needs to add value and look great. That's why we have the design and optimization support you need to start improving your customer experience!

Integrations ensure an omnichannel experience

Make it easy for your customers to get support across channels and your agents to serve them in one platform. Our integrations connect giosg with your messaging apps and CRM for an omnichannel experience, consisting of chats, WhatsApp, Messenger, email, and more.


✅ Salesforce

✅ HubSpot

✅ WhatsApp

✅ Messenger

✅ + much more


“Cooperation with giosg is excellent. Solutions are flexible and enable us to provide a quick and efficient digital service. We are able to genuinely connect and converse with our customers online.”

Nico Numminen, Customer Insight Specialist,

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