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Sell More Cars Online with The #1 Sales Acceleration Platform

Time to digitise your dealership?

Giosg’s sales acceleration platform enables your sales team to easily showcase new and used cars, recommend models and upsell in real-time online - just like in your showroom!

Get ready to improve your speed to lead, enhance your customer experience and increase online sales with giosg.

Trusted by the car dealerships worldwide

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giosg targeting and live chat used on automotive website to sell more cars through live chat

Take your showroom experience online

Throughout the entire process of buying a car, your dealership sales team is there for your customers. So why would your online experience be any different?


Giosg lets your sales team engage proactively with potential buyers online at the right time, so they can provide a first-class experience and close more car deals faster. 

✅  Provide a proactive experience with automated welcome messages

✅  Start conversations based on how close your visitors are to buying a car with advanced targeting

✅  Use AI-powered targeting to reach visitors most likely to buy and ensure a personalised experience

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Accelerate your speed to lead

Did you know it takes just 5 minutes for a lead to go cold?

Connect your sales team with buyers while they’re browsing your website to find their next car. Using conversational tools like chat, video, and voice call your sales executives can start real-time conversations that convert into sales.

💬 Start chat, video, and voice calls with buyers
💬 Instantly notify your sales team of hot leads
💬 Automatically route leads to the right sales executive, team, or outsourcing partner

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giosg's chat, voice and video calls connecting car buyers with sales team in real-time
Giosg bot qualifying leads outside of office hours

Qualify and capture leads 24/7

How much potential sales are you losing outside opening hours? 


Your customers are still browsing for their next dream car, even after your dealership closes for the night. Bots ensure you never miss out on hot leads and automatically qualify them, getting your team off to a good start the next working day.

➡️ Match visitors to their dream car 

➡️ Capture hot leads outside of office hours

➡️ Pre-qualify leads for your sales team

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Take giosg for a test drive

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Get on the fast track to
conversational sales with giosg

Target your online customers proactively with giosg

Proactively target to sell more online

30+ targeting rules allow you to trigger your conversational tools based on your visitor behaviour. AI targeting automates the process, so your team only spends time on the hottest leads

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Convert leads outside your dealership website online with giosg

Get leads outside your website

Convert leads, where your buyers are - whether they're on car portals, your partner sites, or interactive ads. Giosg makes sure your teams are proactive no matter where your customers are online.

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Giosg mobile app connects all you sales channels

Digitise your sales channels

Connect WhatsApp and Messenger with giosg. Turn them into effective sales channels for your whole organisation. Transparent reporting of all your customer conversations with giosg.

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giosg reporting to track sales in real-time

Track your online sales in real-time

Do you know what happens to website leads? How quickly are they follow-up and how many convert to sales? Giosg’s conversational reporting lets you track it all in real-time on your mobile.

“Chat is a low-threshold channel making it an easy way for customers to contact us. We can also provide customers with price information, product suggestions and guidance on K-Caara's products and services through live chat.”

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Nico Numminen, Customer Insight Specialist
at K-Caara

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