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Turn Visitors into Buyers with Conversational Commerce Solutions

Want to take your online retail experience to another level?

By providing real-time, proactive and personalised interactions, you can efficiently support your customers and turn conversations into online sales.

Increase your average order value, reduce shopping cart abandonment and accelerate your online sales with giosg!

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Make your online store feel personal

How does your online experience compare to your retail stores?

In-store your sales teams can assist your customers, instantly tell what your customers are looking for, and recommend relevant products.

Giosg helps you provide that same conversational shopping experience online by identifying your most valuable customers and engaging with them at the right time.

📍 Provide a proactive experience, like you would in your retail store!
📍 Start conversations based on how close visitors are to converting
📍Use AI-powered targeting to reach your most valuable visitors

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Support shoppers and sell around the clock

What happens to your support online when your team’s asleep?

Conversational bots help you to automate, serve and convert visitors 24/7, even when your retail stores’ doors are closed.

These always-on sales assistants ensure your customers get the help they need when they need it the most. Plus, bots help gather important contact information, so you can grow your subscriber base!

✅  Convert sales outside of opening hours
✅  Efficiently grow your email list
✅  Provide support online 24/7 

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Conversational bots help you convert visitors 24/7
Real-time video chat call to turn visitor into a buyer

Start real-time conversations with high-value customers

How proactive are your sales and support online?

Even with the best FAQ pages or the most intelligent chatbots, complex customer conversations still require a human touch.

So when your team is back in business, let your bots deal with simple interactions, while your team focuses on supporting your higher-value customers. 

💬 Help hesitant customers complete their purchase at checkout with bots
💬 Showcase in-store products through video calls
💬 Suggest high-value products or cross-sell relevant items through live chat.

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Get started with personal selling online

Ready to maximise your retail conversions? Book your demo to see how you can get started with conversational commerce.

Sell more online with conversational commerce

Monetise your online support.

Efficiently upsell and cross-sell online

Monetise your online support. Giosg’s shopping cart integration enables you to see inside your visitors' cart in real-time, while they’re chatting with your agents so you can upsell and cross-sell relevant products and services.

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Build retargeting audiences

Retarget & convert hesitant buyers

Use your website interactions and conversations to build retargeting audiences that are on point. Re-engage and convert hesitant buyers who have abandoned their shopping cart, a contact form, or live chat conversation.

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increase conversions with personal selling online

Generate sales outside of your website

Increase conversions and provide personal selling wherever your customers' shop - whether on your resellers' sites, partner sites or interactive ads. Be proactive, no matter where your customers are.

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Real-time reporting of sales

Track & optimise your online sales in real-time

Get insight into your conversion funnel and sales in real-time. Easily optimise your sales efforts. Track conversion goals, response times, number of sales chats, products sold and so much more.

“Collaboration with giosg’s customer engagement team has been great and we always receive immediate support, even in most challenging cases.
Giosg has a great tool that helps us quickly, efficiently and effortlessly solve our online store challenges.”

Ina Mickelsson, eCommerce Manager
Staples Finland

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