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Bring the in-store experience online.

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Assist your customers in live conversations

Create more confident purchases among your visitors by delivering real-time assistance with an actual human agent for a personal shopping experience.


Our One-to-One solution enables agents to have sales conversations on top of your website. With features like AI-powered live chat, voice & video calls, screen sharing, file transfer, and add-to-cart buttons, agents improve the user experience and close more deals.

Enable self-service and qualify sales leads

AI-powered chatbots and product recommendation quizzes enable you to qualify your visitors and your sales to focus on the most relevant leads. 


These tools provide information on plans and pricing, help consumers with products and enable visitors to purchase products unassisted as a self-service.

With giosg AI, you can power up your self-service

Let generative AI boost your sales and support

Use our GPT-powered AI Chatbot to automate your service requests, assist your visitors with mobile plans and products, and to offer 24/7 instant guidance on your website for excellent customer experiences. 


Powered by giosg AI and generative AI, you will take your automation to a new level and enter the forefront of digital innovation.

Promote campaigns with interactive content


Highlight your plans, products, and services, and grow your email lists with interactive content from engaging upselling pop-ups and banners to gamified quizzes and surveys.


You can use over 30+ targeting rules to offer your interactions to relevant audiences and provide personalized customer experiences.

Use giosg to promote campaigns with interactive content

A1 Group's Live Engagement Revolution:

Transforming Customer Interactions Across Europe

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Explore how A1 Group, a telecommunications leader across multiple countries, revolutionized customer interactions with giosg's live engagement strategy. From virtual shopping experiences to exceptional results and outstanding NPS scores, delve into A1's success stories in Austria, Slovenia, Serbia, and Croatia. See the power of A1 Liveshop in boosting conversion rates, driving sales, and creating a seamless digital journey.

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basket size


NPS rating


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Go beyond one-to-one selling with streams

Engage your website visitors in live video streams to reach wider audiences and to educate them about your products and your brand. 


In your streams the visitors can interact with you in chat conversations, through gamification like fortune wheels, and add products to shopping cart from the stream for efficient shopping experiences.

Achieve incredible results




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increase in
average order value

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