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4 Benefits of Expanding Your Customer Support Channels

Posted by Nea Bjorkqvist, on 2 April, 2024

The interaction between businesses and consumers has completely changed, due to the increase in mobile usage and the rise in digital.

How to create a customer service strategy for personalized customer service

Posted by Filip Nikoloski, on 24 May, 2023

In today's world, there's a heavy emphasis on how you deal with your clients and make them feel cared for. Given the immense influence of growing digital channels of communication, it is a must to kee...

Leveraging Omnichannel Communication for Customer Support

Posted by Chris Hardy, on 22 February, 2024

For many businesses, providing customers with excellent support is key to achieving long-term success.

The Future of Engagement: Chatbots for Customer Service

Posted by Ric Hawkins, on 25 August, 2023

Customer interactions with businesses are always evolving. And now chatbot technologies are providing a whole new level of customer service. Chatbots for customer service can help companies provide pe...

6 Proven Ways to Improve Customer Service

Posted by Nea Mikkola, on 25 August, 2023

Customer service is a vital part of any business's success. With word-of-mouth and recommendations becoming the main drivers of new business, customer experience is now more important than ever. Each ...

6 Ways The Lack of Personalised Customer Service Hurts Your Business

Posted by Kinga Edwards, on 13 July, 2023

Have you ever walked into a store and had the salesperson ignore you? Or perhaps you've approached a shop assistant to ask a question about a product and they didn’t seem keen on helping you out at al...

Reducing Customer Service Response Time with Chat and Chatbots

Posted by Nea Bjorkqvist, on 5 April, 2022

Customers want efficient and timely customer service experiences from the companies they interact with. Not only do customers expect responses within seconds, they want to get answers when it best sui...

The Pros and Cons of In-house and Outsourced Live Chat Support

Posted by Christian Lelo de Larrea Gaudiano, on 21 February, 2022

Live chat is one of the most popular and cost-efficient service channels to date. Still, it requires human resources to provide customers with personal, timely and accurate support. And when implement...

How to Improve Customer Service Efficiency [Best Practices]

Posted by Nea Bjorkqvist, on 26 October, 2023

The demand for digital services and experiences has been at an all-time high and businesses have been forced to quickly adapt to meet changing customer expectations. As such, providing efficient onlin...