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5 Ways AI is Transforming E-Commerce in 2023

Posted by Marcos Isaias, on 26 May, 2023

If you're an e-commerce business owner, there's a good chance you've heard of artificial intelligence (AI). You may have even considered using AI to help run your business. But what exactly is AI, and...

20 Best AI Chatbot Platforms for 2024

Posted by, on 22 February, 2024

One of the key trends emerging today is that customers have started to use self-service channels like chatbots more. The majority of customers prefer self-service for simple tasks.

How to Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate with Machine Learning

Posted by Kimi Tiinus, on 22 September, 2022

Are you interrupting your online visitors - or are you leaving them hanging? Most industries working with large amounts of data have already recognized the value of AI and machine learning technology.

AI Trends of 2023 and Beyond

Posted by Kimi Tiinus, on 31 August, 2023

AI has not yet reached the point of being a mainstream phenomenon and still needs a fair bit of elaboration, but it's certainly getting there. When that time comes, companies will need to be ready to ...

5 impressive AI applications in use today

Posted by Nea Bjorkqvist, on 4 February, 2022

AI is being used in so many impressive, creative and beneficial ways across pretty much every sector out there. The common denominator, regardless of industry, is that AI often works behind-the-scenes...

Will Chatbots Replace Human Jobs and How Far Should Self-Service Go?

Posted by Niklas Vernersson, on 23 February, 2021

The term artificial intelligence (AI) was first introduced a while back in 1956 by John McCarthy known as “the father of AI”. Since then, and especially in the 21st century, discussions have generally...

How to get started with AI – as told by our AI expert

Posted by Kimi Tiinus, on 20 February, 2024

“It's so simple and easy to use, it requires no IT or implementations to your systems, and when you think about a basic marketing budget - it costs mere pennies.” - Minsu Rauramo on AI at giosg We con...

How to use AI and Website Design to reduce your website’s bounce rate

Posted by Kimi Tiinus, on 20 March, 2023

Right now, you probably have a bunch of different tabs open on your computer or your phone. If you’re searching for specific information, you probably go to the browser bar rather than reading through...

Beyond the brochure - Using tech to captivate potential students

Posted by Senia Williams, on 14 September, 2020

Choosing a university is one of the most difficult decisions for young adults. It’s often the first important decision they make by themselves, and it can be quite a nerve-wrecking process. Googling “...