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We guarantee profitable business opportunities, by offering the best products and technologies in the industry! As a giosg partner, your role is to manage customer relations and bring in your own expertise. We here to support you and help you accelerate your growth!

Our partnership models

Partnerships have always been essential at giosg. From BPOs to value-added resellers, we support all types of businesses. As an agile and flexible company, we are happy to accommodate our partnership models to meet your specific business needs!

giosg's business process outsourcing partnership model

Customer Service Outsourcing (BPO)

Our BPOs are experts in customer service and often provide phone support and email answering services. Giosg solutions add targeted and automated live chat to complement these traditional channels. We have ready-made integrations with leading contact centre solutions. Even if you already have live chat in your service portfolio, advanced giosg functions will improve the efficiency of your customer service agents and increase your profitability.

Digital agencies

Your business is to build and maintain online services for your customers. With giosg tools, you can both design and publish conversational marketing elements like chatbots, quizzes, banners, feedback forms, interactive ads and much more. Our no-coding content marketing solution will reduce your workload and bring you a clear competitive edge.

giosg's marketing and digital agencies partnership model
giosg's value-added resellers partnership model

Solution providers

Our solutions providers include Value-Added Resellers and System Integrators, with focus on building and supporting customised IT solutions. Giosg products are already integrated with various global solutions. Our well documented and open APIs allow our partners to seamlessly integrate giosg solutions and databases to any external systems.

Contact Center Solutions & Automation

At giosg we are, first and foremost, a technology house. Our modular solutions can easily be integrated or embedded in third-party software. This is a quick way to expand your offering with highly reliable feature-rich technology. We offer ready-to-go integrations with major CRM, marketing automation, ticketing, call centre, and e-commerce software. Our dedicated integration team is always happy to explore new opportunities in this area.

giosg's Independent software vendors partnership model
giosg's Affiliate partnership model


Affiliate and referral partners are a vital part of our ecosystem. We value the relationships you have with your customers and the deep knowledge of your own technologies. We are also committed to rewarding you when customers are signed as a result of our joint efforts!

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