Turn your content into shopping experiences

Engage your website visitors with shoppable videos and use existing video content from your social media and campaigns to inspire your customers and boost sales.

Imagine video campaigns where you can finally track your ROI by seeing the entire visitor path from the first click to the purchase. Let us show you how it works!

Make your videos shoppable


Make it easy for your customers to buy your  products  from interactive shoppable videos

Showcase your products on

your website from  Instagram

Reels, Youtube, and TikTok 


Stay on brand with fully  customizable templates  for different video formats, sizes, colors, and number of products

Click it, buy it, track it

Get clear insights on how your customers are using your shoppable videos. How many visitors clicked your content, how many went to your product pages, and most importantly, how many bought your products.


Improve your results by tracking your:


✔️ Impressions
✔️ Click rates
✔️ Conversion rates
✔️ Visitor browsing behaviour

💰 Product sales


How it works


Add your

Start by choosing one of our templates, and add your video URL from your video libraries or social media. Finally, add also your product images and links.


Customize your
look and feel

Change the colors, the size, the fonts, the page location, and more from your chosen template to make your shoppable video fit your brand.


Publish your shoppable video

Use our one-click publishing to share your shoppable videos. First, choose your target audience for it from 30 triggers and conditions and that's it!

Customer success story

How it worked for Luhta


Luhta, a Finnish founded company that sells sports and fashion clothing with roots in the northern forest and nature, aimed to boost their campaign performance and leverage existing marketing content to generate more sales and excitement for their project: Ice Hockey World Championship 2022.


Giosg presented shoppable videos to Luhta. By encouraging website visitors to purchase products presented in the video, Luhta had a sales conversion rate of 3,67% from visitors who clicked the product cards in the interaction resulting in significant increase in campaign sales.

7 800





sales conversion rate

Shoppable videos come with benefits

✔️ Simplify buyer journeys

✔️ Increase conversion rates

✔️ Improve content utilization

✔️ Promote social channels

✔️ Increase online sales

✔️ Engage website visitors

Turn your videos into measurable sales today 🚀

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