Convert Customers with One-to-One Voice and Video Calls by giosg
Voice and Video Calls

Convert Customers with One-to-One Video

Enter the world of live shopping with voice and video calls. Engage with your customers in face-to-face calls directly from your website and showcase your products as you would in-store — with a human touch.

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Create real-life shopping experiences with Voice and Video Calls by giosg.

Create real-life shopping experiences

Showcase your products in personal, high-definition video calls with the clearest audio quality. 


Our favorite use cases are:


🖤 Test drives from home
🖤 Virtual open houses
🖤 Makeup hauls
🖤 Virtual product showrooms


Switch between voice, video, and chat

We all have our preferences, so enable your customers to choose from multiple channel options to communicate with you. Your customers have the choice to enable only audio while you are giving the full personal experience through video.


Have conversations through:

✔ Voice Calls

✔ Video Calls

✔ Live Chat

✔ Voice and video messages in a chat

Switch between voice, video, and chat with giosg
Connect conversations to the right teams with Voice and Video Calls by giosg.

Connect conversations to the right teams

Set up automatic conversation routing and connect your call leads to the right sales and support teams and team members. Ensure your calls are always answered by a free agent.

⚫ Route calls to teams

⚫ Route calls to specific salespeople

⚫ Route calls to outsourcing partners

Get started with live shopping with
voice and video calls

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Why go with giosg’s voice and video calls


Click-to-call. No downloads.

Offer effortless click-to-call CTAs for your website visitors and start conversations with your leads directly from the browser.


Easy privacy settings

Your visitor can easily choose to mute their microphone and turn off their camera.


Call on desktop or mobile

Allow your team to have calls with leads and customers efficiently from their desktop or conveniently through our mobile app.


Customizable video bots

Have your team members engage and greet visitors via pre-recorded welcoming messages before a call, chat, or form to fill out.

Customer Story DNA

“Giosg’s solutions are easy-to-use and our effective collaboration has been the highlight of our cooperation."

Mia Nyberg, Development Manager,

Accelerate your sales with voice and video calls

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