Join the forefront of
digital engagement

We offer you agile tools for personalized and data-driven HCP engagement throughout the digital customer journey.

✔️ Manage your digital engagement from a single platform
✔️ Reach your segments with targeted content
✔️ Extend your reach with self-detailing
✔️ Provide omnichannel experiences

Engage with the right content,
at the right time, to the right person.


Add a layer of
digital engagement

Giosg works on top of your website as a non-fixed layer with zero hard-coding. Our platform gives you the freedom from CMS restrictions and enables you to improve your digital customer journey on local and global websites and portals.

One platform. So many ways to engage✨

Engage throughout the customer journey

Giosg platform enables you to track your HCP visitors and engage them with the right content at the right time by using either fully anonymous zero-party data or CRM information through seamless integrations.


✔️ Share targeted content, research, webinars & more

✔️ Validate HCPs on your website

✔️ Collect feedback for continuous improvement

✔️ Track your digital customer journey


Provide omnichannel experiences

With our solution, you can effortlessly engage with HCPs across multiple touchpoints, including web, portals, mobile, email, social media, and more — with any content format from PDFs to webinar videos. This ensures a consistent and personalized HCP experience.


✔️ Website, portals, email, mobile & social media

✔️ PDFs, emails, web widgets, chatbots & more

✔️ Workflow management

✔️ Seamless cross-channel reporting



Increase your reach with self-detailing

You want to support HCPs 24/7 but to do it, you need self-detailing. With our predetermined chatbots for high security and reliability, you make sure your audience is served with content you have selected for legal compliance and great user experience.


✔️ Predetermined chatbots

✔️ Chatbots can offer many types of content

✔️ Share text, PDFs, webinar, links, videos & images

✔️ Complete visual customization



Endless possibilities to engage with HCPs

✔️ Calendar tools

✔️ Webinar registrations

✔️ Material downloads

✔️ Newsletter subscriptions

✔️ Event promotions

✔️ Chatbots

✔️ Interactive order forms

✔️ Video streams

✔️ Customer feedback tools

We connect with your existing platforms

We have built multiple native integrations and partnered up with solution providers worldwide to make connecting giosg to your existing systems as easy as possible.


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