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Captivate and capture your online leads - why interactive content is the new king!

Posted by Nea Bjorkqvist, on 9 April, 2019

It’s been more than two decades since, Bill Gates coined the phrase “Content is king!” and the mantra is still very relevant today - after all, content is what drives the world of online. Creating val...

Tackling the application decline - how universities can boost conversions online

Posted by Nea Bjorkqvist, on 19 March, 2019

The recruitment of students is competitive and if you’re not in the top tier of higher education institutions it can be challenging, to say the least. And with the current climate, applications have t...

How expanding customer support channels can create more value for contact centres

Posted by Nea Bjorkqvist, on 12 April, 2019

The interaction between businesses and consumers has completely changed, due to the increase in mobile usage and the rise in digital.

What happens on your website after dark?

Posted by Kimi Tiinus, on 15 April, 2020

[Derived and updated from our previous blog by Petri Vilpponen] With Halloween coming up, we have started thinking about the horror stories we face as businesses - Disappointed customers, high returns...

Goal-oriented chatting is built on Goals, Rules and Reporting

Posted by giosg support team, on 29 October, 2018

Goal-oriented chatting is more than just live chat, it’s building a strategy of goals and measuring results to keep growing your business. So what is it?

How we used AI to solve one of the most pressing daily needs: the coffee supply

Posted by Päivi Harju, on 14 September, 2020

Finland has been ranked number one among the countries that drink most coffee, and our Helsinki office is no exception. Our office practically runs on coffee and we take it very seriously. We brew a l...

What happens on your website after dark – i.e. how to maintain your service quality after hours?

Posted by Petri Vilpponen, on 22 October, 2018

It’s dusk and your customer service is closing the chat service for the day. They are tired after handling up to 7 messages at a time for the whole day (like Finnair’s agents do). They’ve been there w...

[How to] create a Lead Call to people abandoning your form

Posted by, on 25 October, 2016

If you have a live chat on your site and your site's goal is to get leads through forms (like the one on your 'Contact us' -page), you are probably already using behavioral Rules to initiate a chat co...

[How to] use a coupon discount code to push hesitant visitors into purchase

Posted by, on 20 July, 2016

In our previous blog posts (here  and here), we gave you hands-on instructions on how to create rules and how to do A/B testing. This time we are going to show you how to create a pop-up discount code...