Lead Generation Guide for Car Dealerships

Lead generation for car dealerships

Download our guide and start getting more leads and car sales online!

You will learn how to: 

qualify more car buyer leads in less time online 
convert more leads into sales with newest features of live chat 
• speed up your car sales agents response time

• use real-time reporting to target high-value leads


To take advantage of the 23% of car buyers who prefer to shop for their dream car online, car sale agents need to interact online at the perfect time.

This means in order to increase lead generation for car dealerships, car salespeople must be proactive, innovative, and personalised in their approach to engaging with leads.

When car shoppers are met with guidance, support, and suggestions on your dealership website, this also helps car salespeople qualify and convert more car sales leads with ease.

Lead generation tools like live chat, chatbots and interactive multi-step forms are the key to a frictionless lead qualification process that brings in more sales for your car dealership. 

In this guide,  we provide examples of how the best lead generation tools on the market for car dealerships can help your website be the last one a car buyer visits.

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