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How to Upsell in E-Commerce (The Non-Sleazy Way)

Posted by Jade Ventoniemi, on 27 June, 2022

A customer comes to your website and orders a product confidently in one shopping session. Pretty nice visitor-to-sale conversion rate, right? 1 website visitor, 1 successful purchase, job well done.

5 Ways to Make Your Website Pop-ups More Effective

Posted by Jade Ventoniemi, on 31 May, 2022

You may think that slapping a pop-up on the home page of your website is enough to capture a visitor’s attention. You’d be wrong.

6 Ways to Use Chatbots in Ecommerce to Increase Sales

Posted by Vanja Maganjić, on 24 May, 2022

Chatbots are great tools for communicating with users, leads, customers, and anyone in between. They can help you build relationships with your audience, quickly answer questions and increase your sal...

5 Ways to Use Gamification in Retail [with Examples]

Posted by Edu Lehtinen, on 25 April, 2022

Are you looking for fun new ways to level up your e-commerce business? If boosting sales, building brand awareness and harbouring customer loyalty are on your list of goals, then you might want to con...

11 Best eCommerce Chatbots for 2022

Posted by Taryn Maunumäki, on 30 May, 2022

As eCommerce businesses embrace the importance of conversational marketing, they also realise how crucial it is to have eCommerce chatbots on their website.

6 Pop-up Templates Your E-Commerce Website Needs [+ How to use them]

Posted by Jade Ventoniemi, on 25 March, 2022

A well-timed pop-up with an enticing offer can do wonders for increasing average cart value and customer loyalty for your online shop. Getting creative with how you promote offers is a great way to st...

All you need to know about Machine learning [Data Scientist Interview]

Posted by Alina Lehtinen-Vela, on 15 March, 2022

Sci-fi has painted many horror pictures of the future of machines taking over the world. These grim visions of all-powerful machines are some of the many misconceptions people have about AI and Machin...

What is Social Commerce for Retail? [3 Outstanding Retail Examples]

Posted by Taryn Maunumäki, on 30 May, 2022

See it. Want it. Click it. Buy it. Repeat. Social commerce is a new way of doing business. It has become an effective way for brands to engage with their customers while providing them with an authent...

3 Ways to Nurture Leads in eCommerce

Posted by Kristina Shkriabina, on 19 May, 2022

An eCommerce business should never be only about selling a product but also about developing relationships with your audience. People want to do business with organisations that they trust act with cu...