9 Automotive Chatbot Use Cases to Increase Sales!

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Do you want to take your automotive eCommerce game to the next level? Good! Because I am about to tell you everything I know about automotive chatbots!

Purchasing a car is a big move, so you want to make sure you give your customers top-notch service. There is clear evidence that incorporating an AI chatbot for the automotive industry can boost your sales and keep happy customers.

An AI automotive chatbot can serve your customers at all times of the day, while you keep track of valuable information about their tastes and preferences. And your agents can focus on the warmest leads!

Stay with me, and discover the 9 top automotive chatbot use cases for your car dealership to increase sales!

1. Offer 24/7 Customer Support 
2. Give Personalized Content
3. Link to Messaging Apps
4. Integrate with your CRM
5. Assist with Lead Qualification
6. Generate Customer Engagement 
7. Connect to Live Chat
8. Book a Test Drive 
9. Provide Mechanical Support

What are automotive chatbots?

Let me quickly introduce you to automotive chatbots. AI chatbots are Artificial intelligence-powered chatbots that you use specifically for the automotive industry. 

AI chatbots are a type of conversational AI that comprehends human natural language and can communicate through text, audio, or voice with humans, making it almost impossible to tell they are not talking to a person.

Now after this introduction, let’s jump into the 9 best use cases for automotive chatbots!

1. Offer 24/7 customer support 

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One of the top pros of incorporating an AI chatbot for your car dealership is having 24/7 customer service available for your clients. 

We don’t buy cars every day, it is quite a big move! That is why it is important to give customers valuable and comprehensive information about your cars and their features.

An AI chatbot for automotive will serve you perfectly for this. With conversational AI, prospects will have all their questions solved in real-time, with no waiting times. 

Your customers feel secure having all their questions answered at any time of the day, no matter where they are located.

This is great for your business since now, your agents can only focus on the most important and relevant cases. All this while your automotive chatbot is handling all those pesky frequently asked questions.

Another great advantage of 24/7 automotive chatbots is that they offer scalability managing multiple queries at the same time. Once again, this will help you save big money, increase sales, and keep your customers happy!

2. Give Personalized Content

We all love feeling unique, and feeling seen! AI chatbots know how to make your customers feel special. Why? Automotive AI chatbots are an excellent marketing tool that will help you streamline customer interactions.

Chatbots can store customers’ behavior and movement patterns on your website helping you segment and categorize your prospects. 

Thanks to all the valuable and relevant data your chatbots for the automotive industry can gather, you can give personalized and tailored content and use a specific tone and voice for each of them. 

Moreover, data can be used for product recommendations and offers. An automotive chatbot can take into account the demographics of your prospects and web history to suggest the ideal car or automobile for your customer. This will include price range and specs! 

The coolest thing about this is that all this data and information can be used at the same time to understand what your customers like, and prefer so you can adjust your service accordingly.

3. Link to Messaging Apps

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You can meet your customers through the channel that is most convenient to them. Actually, you should aim to do this!

It is super easy to link your chatbot for the automotive industry to messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Messenger. This way you will have all the client information and conversations in your chatbot platform without losing track of valuable data.

If your agents need to start a conversation with the customers they can seamlessly access all this information from the automotive chatbot platform without having to change between software, and being super easy for agents to read the customer’s case.

Most importantly, customers will be relieved that they can get things done and solved in their preferred channel of communication. And you want to meet them where they are, and where you can get their attention.

If your automotive AI chatbot is linked to WhatsApp or Messenger, your customers can access frequently asked questions, book test drive appointments, and access information, super easily. From here you can start qualifying your leads.

4. Integrate with your CRM 

Integrating your automotive chatbot with your CRM will help you keep all of the customers' data in a safe and useful place. Let me tell you why: prospects will share constant information with you, which can be sent directly to your CRM.

At the same time, you can keep your contact list up to date, and target different cars, and services to your prospects depending on the conversations they are having with your automotive chatbot.

Centralizing customer data is key for your automotive dealership. You will gain knowledge and understand your customers better, provide better customer service, target products and promotions, and boost your sales. All of this follows data protection regulations.

If you want to see Giosg solution in action you can request a demo!

5. Assist with Lead Qualification 

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Conversational AI in the automotive industry is a great tool for lead qualification. Your automotive chatbot can easily convert and qualify your web visitors through engaging content such as quizzes. 

With these quizzes, the chatbot can figure out how ready the prospect is to make a purchase and see how interested they are in the products.

An AI automotive chatbot can give personalized content and interaction, and move the prospects to the sales funnel quicker by:

  • Introducing them to offers,
  • Giving information about the cars, 
  • Booking appointments for drive tests at their closest car dealership.

After the customer is satisfied with an option and ready to buy a car, your automotive chatbot can guide them through the buying process at any time!

What is the coolest thing about this lead qualification process? It can be done 24/7 without the need for an agent. And when your agents are available they will only deal with the prospects that are ready to buy the car!

6. Generate Customer Engagement 

The possibilities are endless! The coolest thing about conversational AI is that it is not limited to only text. We all know by now that it is more fun, and entertaining to listen to or watch informative content than read it. 

AI chatbots have you covered with this one. For example, video bots with interaction builders are a great way to share information about your car dealership, and vehicles while keeping your customers completely hooked!

You could even promote new car launches with video bots, where you show sneak peeks of the vehicle or tours of the car. An expert can show the different features of a car through the video bot, and even have a virtual test drive of the car. 

Pop-up quizzes by the hand of your automotive chatbot will be of great aid to learning about your prospects and needs, while you keep them captivated with fun content.

Pop quizzes can assist in simplifying the customer’s decision-making process, and help you convert leads into sales faster.

An automotive chatbot is a great way to hype your prospects, keep them on your eCommerce for longer, and have them walk into your dealership to complete a purchase! 

7. Connect to Live Chat 

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If at any point the customer needs to be assisted by a real-life agent, the automotive chatbot can connect your customers and potential customers with an agent.

The customer can choose their preferred mode of communication, they can start with a live chat, but if they prefer and feel more comfortable they can move to live voice calls, or even video calls.

Something amazing you can do with AI chatbots is connect them with your agents through virtual showrooms. Here the agent can show the car of their liking through a video call, and get an immersive experience before buying the vehicle.

This is a great opportunity for the customer to ask more questions to the car experts so they feel more confident to make the next move and get the car. You will gain trust and credibility by offering this great service! Also, it creates great hype around new car launches!

8. Book a Test Drive 

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An automotive chatbot can automate pesky tasks such as booking and handling test drives. It can even schedule an appointment to the nearest auto dealership which comes in super handy.

This use case has some positive outcomes, on the one hand, your sales agents will be taking care of the customers when they visit for the test drive, but won’t have to deal with the booking side of it.

Your agents now can focus only on the most important leads, so you can convert.

Booking appointments through a chatbot offers your customers 24/7 accessibility and you can acquire all that juicy customer data and keep it in your CRM.

9. Provide Mechanical Support 

It is no secret that customers like feeling secure and knowing that they will get the support they need if anything happens. Mechanical support can come and be offered in various ways.

First, you can use it for sales assistance, meaning, providing unique and useful information about your vehicles. For example, which car would be better for certain roads, or types of families.

Second, you can offer it as an after-sales service, prospects will be much more trusting and confident in using your services and buying from your dealership if they know they can get 24/7 mechanical support from you.

An automotive chatbot can exactly do this, at any time of the day, and connect customers with agents when they are available.


Those were the best 9 automotive chatbot use cases to increase sales! An AI chatbot for the automotive industry can help you boost sales while offering outstanding customer service, and a personalized experience to all your customers.

An automotive chatbot is a powerful tool that can be of great service to your eCommerce by centralizing customer data, giving a personalized web experience while generating engagement, and moving your prospects through the sales pipeline.

To get to know giosg solutions for the automotive industry and all its amazing features you can book a demonstration.


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