What is a Virtual Showroom? → Complete Guide with Use Cases!

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In a world where people are getting more and more used to purchasing online. Why not simplify their decision-making process by adding a virtual showroom to your eCommerce?

What if I told you that your clients can experience your products in virtual showrooms, without visiting a physical store? Pretty amazing right?! 

But, how does it work? And what is a virtual showroom? Below I will explain all this, its purpose, and some great use cases.

Oh, and spoiler alert: many industries can benefit from virtual showrooms, especially the automotive industry!

Keep reading and I assure you by the end of the article you will be a virtual showroom pro!

1. What is a Virtual Showroom?
2. How does a Virtual Showroom Work?
3. What is the Purpose of a Virtual Showroom?
4. Virtual showroom Top Use Cases

1. What is a Virtual Showroom?

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First, I want to clear something up. Don’t confuse virtual showrooms with digital showrooms. Although both share some similarities, the terms have different meanings. You can learn more about digital showrooms in our complete article.

Let’s go back to the virtual showroom!

While the term can vary from company to company, a virtual showroom connects customers with your products, making it easy to see what you offer and live an immersive experience without visiting a physical showroom.

They work exactly like a physical showroom. A salesperson can show products to customers, and customers get to see their features, how they look, and how they work. Only it is done online!

Sometimes, virtual showrooms mimic a physical store, where the clients can wander around, and check out products. 3D virtual showrooms offer an enhanced and immersive, all-round experience for clients. 

Virtual showrooms accelerate the decision-making process of customers, and in case they need to visit a physical store online after checking the product online. They will do it with conviction knowing exactly what they want.

2. How does a virtual showroom work?

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When companies use giosg services, buyers can request a virtual showroom of a product. An agent can contact them in real-time, via voice call or live chat, and show the product in a video call. 

Customers in a virtual showroom can interact with products, experience their different attributes, and see how they look from inside and outside (depending on the product). 

So basically, agents have 1 on 1 video calls with potential customers and show off your products. To see Giosg's solution in action, you can request a demo.

In other cases, a virtual showroom integrates 3D images, and 360-degree visuals to a website to mimic a physical store. Customers can interact with the space and see different products, from the comfort of their own home.

3. What is the purpose of a virtual showroom?

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The purpose of a showroom is to enhance the buyer's experience by offering a seamless online interaction. This, of course, benefits your company and eCommerce site. 

🟣 With virtual showrooms you can connect and interact with clients at the right time. Your sales agents can offer a virtual showroom experience when buyers request it. This will impress your potential customers and keep them coming back!

🟣 Having your customers engage in a virtual showroom with your agents weighs in and gives a sense of importance and necessity. A good dynamic and proactive communication between the potential buyers and the agents makes the difference at the moment of conversion.

🟣 Having a real human in real-time in the virtual showroom answering all the questions potential customers have will reassure the buyers. This is how you gain customers' trust and loyalty.

🟣 You keep them engaged! Just think about it: you are giving potential customers something valuable. So, they will stay on your website, interested in your products and what you offer. On top of this, agents will give customers that one final push to buy!

4. Virtual Showroom Top Use Cases 

automotive dealership

A few industries can especially benefit from offering virtual showrooms to their clients. Some of them are real estate, furniture retail, fashion, and last but not least automotive! 

While these use cases apply to almost all these industries, today, I want to focus on how you can use a virtual showroom in the automotive industry

  • Keep them hyped for your new releases: Let’s say you have a new car releasing soon, by offering a virtual showroom for customers before it is available in the dealerships, you will create a huge excitement around the product.

    This serves as a campaign launch for your product, where you can show the different features of the vehicle and its uniqueness. With virtual showrooms, you can drive traffic to your website and even generate pre-sales.

  • Educate with Product Geniuses: Make sure your agents know the vehicle inside out. Potential customers can solve all their questions and doubts about the car with product geniuses. They can give detailed information about the car specs, and encourage buyers.

    At the same time, product geniuses can explain the special attributes of the car and see how ready the potential customer is to make the purchase.

  • Track Buyer's Journey: You can recognize the customer's needs in real-time through virtual showrooms and jump in to assist them. When the agent identifies these needs they can give tailored and specific aid, which will help you determine the stage of the buyer’s journey.

    This is essential for lead qualification, and pushing leads through the sales funnel.


A virtual showroom is a great tool to show products to potential customers and buyers without needing a physical showroom, which will take the experience to the next level while increasing sales and engagement. 

Customers can access it at all times from everywhere and interact with the products, experience and see them in real-time. Having a conversation with agents at the time questions arise will push them to make the purchase.


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