What You Need to Know to Boost Engagement with eDetailing

Many pharma reps and marketers are well-versed in managing face-to-face interactions.

But what about virtual engagement or eDetailing?

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Although physical interactions still definitely hold their place in the engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs) – only relying on them is no longer the answer if you’re looking to increase engagement.

Instead, implementing a mix of edetailing and physical interactions is the go-to strategy.

Just look at what the leading pharma companies are doing.

In this article, we go over everything you need to know about eDetailing and how to use it to boost your HCP engagement:

What is eDetailing?
What are the benefits?
Different types of eDetailing
Key takeaways

What is eDetailing?


In the dynamic world of pharmaceutical sales and marketing, eDetailing has emerged as a transformative approach.

eDetailing, also known as electronic or remote detailing, is the use of digital technology for distributing and creating promotional and interactive content.

An example of this would be offering HCPs a convenient way to schedule appointments with your sales reps on your website.

What are the benefits of eDetailing?

Not only does research suggest, that 97% of physicians prefer eDetailing over traditional paper-based methods when explaining complex topics, but it also comes with many other benefits:

1. Personal connection

Instead of dealing with impersonal web portals, eDetailing lets reps and medical science liaisons (MSLs) talk directly to HCPs.

They can showcase different channels and resources, making the experience more personal and engaging.

With the right solution and when done effectively, eDetailing allows you to always offer the right content, at the right time, to the right person.

2. Flexible scheduling

Getting access to HCPs can be tough, but remote and eDetailing changes that. You can share relevant resources and schedule meetings when it suits everyone, making things more efficient.

3. More channels, more fun

eDetailing combined with your traditional detailing is your gateway to tailoring your content channels.

This is exactly what you want to do with your omnichannel strategy.

Plus, unlike some web portals that nobody uses due to their complexity, eDetailing keeps HCPs engaged and coming back for more – on all your channels.

4. Digital adventure

eDetailing is just the start of a digital journey.

You can create unique digital channels to dive deeper into specific topics.

It's like a personalized customer journey for HCPs – where they don’t have to waste time going through endless resources and jumping through hoops just to get the necessary information.

5. Keeping the conversation going

You can't always drop by HCPs' offices. But you still need to talk to them and provide support.

Edetailing helps maintain those relationships and share important information whenever it’s needed.

Doctors participating in two eDetailing sessions increased brand prescribing by 51% more than would be expected from seasonal variances.

In a nutshell, eDetailing is changing the game in pharma sales.

It adds a personal touch to online meetings, makes scheduling a breeze, and opens up a world of digital content. It's a must-have tool for reps and MSLs looking to connect with HCPs in today's fast-paced healthcare world.

Different types of eDetailing

eDetailing isn't a one-size-fits-all.

It comes in various types to cater to different needs and preferences. Here's a look at the different types of eDetailing you should know about:


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Remote detailing

Remote and self-detailing are like the dynamic duo of modern healthcare communication, each offering its unique approach to engaging with HCPs.

Remote detailing simply means taking those face-to-face sales meetings online using different digital tools. There are two variations of remote detailing:

Video conferencing: This is the real-time, face-to-face interaction of remote detailing. It's like having a virtual meeting room where reps and MSLs can connect with HCPs live.

It's interactive, engaging, and personal, just like a physical meeting, but it all happens through the screen.

remote detailing

Webinars and web-based meetings: These on the other hand are online seminars or group discussions.

Reps and MSLs can host webinars where they present information, answer questions, and interact with a group of HCPs in real time. It's a slightly different way to educate and engage with multiple HCPs simultaneously.


Self-detailing alternatively takes a different approach, putting the control in the hands of the HCP.

It's more about HCPs accessing and navigating content at their own pace. Here are some examples of self-detailing:

Interactive apps and portals: Many pharmaceutical companies develop apps or online portals loaded with resources and information.

HCPs can explore these engagement platforms independently, searching for relevant information when they need it. It's like having a digital library at their fingertips.

But for this to work, you must make sure your portal content is well organized and that you effectively guide each visitor to the right place.

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Self-guided e-learning: Imagine an online course or training program tailored for HCPs. They can log in, go through modules, take quizzes, and acquire knowledge at their convenience.

It's a self-paced learning experience.

If you'd like to see how this works in practice, ask one of our experts – we'll be happy to show you!

Email and digital resources: Sometimes, reps and MSLs send targeted emails with valuable content to HCPs.

These emails may contain links to articles, videos, or resources, allowing HCPs to explore the content independently. It's like having a virtual inbox filled with helpful updates.

Key takeaways

So all in all – the methods of engaging with HCPs are changing at a rapid pace.

Remote detailing, self-detailing, and their various forms have emerged as powerful tools in pharmaceutical sales and education. These innovative approaches offer flexibility, personalization, and convenience, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of HCPs.

If you want to learn more or discuss more solutions on pharma eDetailing – get in touch with us and book a demo!


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