Why CoBrowse is the super-tool for resolving online customer issues

Companies need to act fast and efficiently to meet the expectations of today’s consumers. The moment an issue with a product or service arises is also the very same moment when the race against time to resolve it begins.

Live chat agent using cobrowse to help customers online

CoBrowse is a technology that allows a company and a customer to be literally "on the same page" . More precisely, sales and customer support can interact with the customer using the customer's web browser to show them something in real-time.

CoBrowse can be used for many objectives including support, sales, product selection, and account management. When implemented at the right time and place, CoBrowse can be an effective approach to escalated and personal support.

Bring hands on assistance to online environment

With CoBrowse agents can see exactly what the customer sees (i.e. both parties can see the mouse movements) which means that throughout the conversation, whether it takes place over live chat, phone, social media etc., both parties are always on the same page.

The customer and the agent can navigate together and the agent can provide hands-on assistance for the customer.

For example, the agent can use CoBrowse to help the customer fill out forms or complete purchases, change settings or find information. If he wishes to, the customer can even hand over the control of the site to the agent so that he can take over the process remotely while the customer watches.

Safe, secure and easy-to-use

When we created our CoBrowse feature, we paid extra attention to security and easy of use. The CoBrowse technology allows sensitive information, like credit card numbers, to be hidden from the customer service agents. When the customer is typing to one of these sensitive fields, the customer service agent sees nothing but a line of asterisks. The whole CoBrowse session is also SSL-protected.

Starting a CoBrowse does not require any browser extensions and is not dependent on any software - not even on our own. The technology supports all modern desktop and mobile browsers (IE11, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera).

This means that the agent and the customer can connect instantly simply by sharing a session password in a phone call or live chat. If used with Giosg Live Chat, the CoBrowse can be started with one click on the chat window. 

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This blog was originally published in 2016, but has been since revamped and updated for accuracy. 

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