Support customers in a collaborative way with giosg COBROWSE

Provide hands-on customer support

Support customers in a collaborative way when they need it the most. Co-browsing allows your live chat agents to view a visitor’s browser in real-time, helping you reduce your average resolution time and provide excellent customer service.

Faster resolutions with giosg COBROWSE

Resolve customer issues faster

Faster resolutions mean better customer experiences. With COBROWSE, your customer support team can provide hands-on assistance and visually identify customer issues to speed up resolution time. 


Agents can help customers find information, fill out forms and complete their online purchase. Problems are solved quicker within the initial session, improving your first contact resolution rate. 

Efficient customer-agent collaboration

Start co-browsing by simply sharing a session password on the phone or in the chat session. No browser extensions or downloads are required by the visitor. It is fully integrated into giosg Live Chat and can be seamlessly integrated with other call centre systems also.

Efficient customer support with giosg COBROWSE
Secure cobrowsing with giosg COBROWSE

Safe and secure

Co-browsing with giosg is easy and safe for both you and your customers. All sensitive data, such as customer credit card details can be hidden from your agent view. With end-to-end encryption and EU data storage, you can rest assured your co-browsing experience is cyber secure. 

Take your customer service
to another level with co-browsing

User-friendly cobrowse tool

User-friendly experience

Easily navigate from live chat to a co-browse session in the same window

Secure cobrowse software

Cyber secure feature

Co-browsing sessions are secure with SSL and password-protection

giosg cobrowse reporting tool


All sessions with agents and customers are logged and available in reporting

Ready to co-browse your way
to customer satisfaction?

Get started with efficient customer
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