How to tackle the Black Friday hangover

By Kimi Tiinus, on 1 April, 2019

After the excitement and chaos of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Cyber Week dies down, it’s been proven that UK retail sales drop in December.

UK’s Office for National Statistics (ONS) released data showing that in 2017, shoppers reduced their levels of spending after Black Friday by 1.5%, even when Christmas is around the corner. What is this all about?



“Consumers continue to move Christmas purchases earlier, with higher spending in November and lower spending in December than seen in previous years”, said Rhian Murphy from ONS.

So how can you avoid being hit by the spending slump after Black Friday?

It may seem obvious, but during the festive season you need to communicate to your customers frequently, or you may risk getting lost in the noise and forgotten. We could even argue to kick your marketing and sales efforts up to a notch after these hyped events. Remind your potential customers that life still exist afterwards.

Let your customers know “we have this product in stock, and you can purchase it now.”

With time constraints and commitments on the build up to Christmas, consumers are turning to online channels for last minute gifts - making eCommerce and your website essential.

And, this was reaffirmed last year when financial services corporation Visa said about the UK market that despite the lower levels of spending in December when compared to November, online (including mobile) shopping was set to increase, and “approximately £2 in every £5” would be spent online.

So what so should be your mindset for the December?

  • Concentrate your efforts online
  • Deliver a message that it is okay to make purchases after Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well
  • Be the loud noise when the hype dies down
  • Check out your conversion rate - how can you improve it by adjusting your website

We will dive into the issue of “how to increase your conversion rate” on our blog next week - but right now, concentrate on your Black Friday hangover. It is real and it will probably get even worse in upcoming years - so create your own recipe on how to cure it!


And if you really want the tools to tackle this hangover - check out our whitepaper below! 

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