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How active online engagement can increase sales for B2B companies

Posted by Linda Kullas, on 2 November, 2019

For business owners, faster lead generation, efficiency and saving both time and money should sound interesting, right? Many people associate live chat with the B2C sector and ecommerce - you know, th...

How expanding customer support channels can create more value for contact centres

Posted by Nea Bjorkqvist, on 12 April, 2019

The interaction between businesses and consumers has completely changed, due to the increase in mobile usage and the rise in digital.

How to avoid abandoned shopping carts?

Posted by Nea Bjorkqvist, on 15 April, 2019

What is cart abandonment? Imagine a scenario where you walk into a supermarket and start filling up your shopping cart. While shopping you bump in to a neighbour, have a quick catch up, and following ...

Step up your live chat game for holiday season

Posted by Laura Leskinen, on 3 June, 2019

Black Friday, Cyber Monday and other major "holidays" can make any customer service agent sweat. Who can blame them though, as the service lines and chat windows pop up one after another.  The popular...

AI Trends of 2019 and Beyond

Posted by Kimi Tiinus, on 3 June, 2019

AI has not yet reached the point of being a mainstream phenomenon and still needs a fair bit of elaboration, but it's certainly getting there. When that time comes, companies will need to be ready to ...

How chat feedback improves service design

Posted by Guest blogger, on 3 June, 2019

In an initial implementation meeting with a customer, clear goals and KPIs for a chat service are always planned. The most common early stage goals often include characteristics like: Sales orientatio...

Live chat as a part of a successful customer journey

Posted by Emmy Sevón, on 13 September, 2018

Live chat is five times more effective than traditional customer service channels, it is easily personalised, and it can be applied at any stage of the customer journey. You might wonder how exactly t...

A digital business model that takes customer experience to the next level

Posted by Emmy Sevón, on 15 April, 2020

If you take a quick look at your online sales, what do you see? Have you got a successful digital business model generating all the leads and sales you need? Or maybe you have not yet got the results ...

giosg launches new and improved mobile chat

Posted by, on 14 June, 2018

I bet many potential customers are scrolling your website at the bus stop or whilst sitting on the train, you wouldn’t want to miss out on reaching out to them, would you?