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4 Top Lead Generation Form Templates to Boost Conversions

Posted by Silja Kaurala, on 2 February, 2023

Lead capture forms and lead generation bots are marketing teams’ everyday tools for collecting contact information, generating leads, and qualifying them further before forwarding them to sales. Both ...

7 Conversational Marketing Examples to Get it Right in 2024

Posted by Silja Kaurala, on 24 January, 2024

Conversational marketing offers one of the most convenient ways of communicating with customers and prospects via customized interactions. And we've seen some great examples of this. Some businesses h...

Boost Your Conversions with These 7 Effective Chatbot Best Practices

Posted by Silja Kaurala, on 29 January, 2024

Conversational marketing is all about communicating with your customers and prospects in a personalised way using real-time channels. With their conversational approach and 24/7 availability, chatbots...

4 Lead Capture Form Mistakes [+How to Avoid Them with Bots]

Posted by Silja Kaurala, on 6 September, 2021

Lead capture forms embedded into websites or landing pages are still the most common tool for collecting contact information and lead generation. 74% of marketers are using web forms for lead generati...

12 Best Lead Generation Tools to Convert Inbound Leads in 2023

Posted by Silja Kaurala, on 13 March, 2023

Lead generation tools provide an interactive way to convert inbound leads and qualify them before sending them to your sales team. They make it easy for you to target and engage with your website visi...

How To Get Started With Chatbots for Lead Generation

Posted by Silja Kaurala, on 2 June, 2023

Acquiring a chatbot for marketing purposes is an investment you want to make with careful consideration. The bot you finally choose should meet both your marketing needs and lead generation objectives...

How Not to Annoy Visitors with Your Lead Capture Pop-ups

Posted by Silja Kaurala, on 8 April, 2021

Finding the balance between using pop-ups effectively and trying to avoid annoying your visitors can sometimes be challenging. We know that pop-ups can frustrate visitors but at the same time, they’re...

9 Easy Ways to Improve Your Lead Capture Form Conversions

Posted by Silja Kaurala, on 7 July, 2021

Capture and convert leads – the magic words on every marketer’s lips and a top priority in their online marketing objectives. Increasing traffic to your website is of course key but capturing and conv...

5 Ways How Chatbot Helps in Lead Generation

Posted by Silja Kaurala, on 30 July, 2021

There’s no doubt that in all businesses, marketers work hard to make their online marketing efforts generate a steady flow of new leads.