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Interactive content - A quick guide to getting started

There’s no escaping it, interactive content is everywhere and for good reason! Providing this type of content throughout the buyer journey can help both retain and acquire customers. But as a marketer...

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Demystifying Artificial Intelligence

In this guide, we aim to demystify AI, firstly covering the current landscape including customer fears and misconceptions as well as actual definitions and applications of AI (machine learning being o...

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How to improve your customer experience?

Customer experience is how businesses acquire and keep customers. This is not rocket science. But how can businesses actually improve their customer experience? By reading this whitepaper, you will: u...

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Three ideas to get started with virtual branches

Improve customer experience by integrating professional financial advice seamlessly with the purchase journey taking place on the hosting partner's website. Download whitepaper to read everything abou...

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eCommerce: How to crush peak season pain points

Often the biggest pain point isn’t just acquiring new customers - it’s avoiding churn, understanding how to stop it and the reasons behind it. During holiday seasons, this pressure only increases, esp...

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Machine Learning for Conversion Optimisation

Many companies experience the same problem most online retailers do - conversion rates in online stores are typically only at 1-3%. At giosg we've addressed this issue by creating an uplift machine le...

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