How to Easily Build a Chatbot

How to build a chatbot guide pages

Chatbots are notorious for being big IT projects, but at giosg we know that's just not true!

That's why we've gathered our expert insights on how to build a simple bot for lead generation, sales or customer service. We've helped hundreds of businesses implement bots, and now you can easily get started too by using our step-by-step guide. 

In this guide, you'll get actionable tips for planning the scope of your chatbot project, workshop ideas to help you get started, and practical chatbot flow examples. 

Whether you already have a chatbot solution in place, like giosg Interaction Designer, or still are looking for the right tool, this guide is for you.

Download our guide to get 9 easy steps for building your own bot:

1. Decide the type of chatbot
2. Determine your KPIs
3. Understand user needs
4. Give your bot a persona
5. Plan your bot flow
6. Design your bot
7. Preview and test
8. Target your bot 
9. Measure and optimise 

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