The Future of Automotive Sales is Direct: The Agency Model explained

automotive sales guide

The buyers’ expectations today are high, and the experience should be digital – all the way from initial research to the purchase.

This is just one of the ways digital transformation has revolutionized the automotive industry and the automotive customer journey.

But what opportunities does this open up for automotive sales?

And how can you improve the digital experience for your customers, both existing and potential?

Digital first requires you to rethink how you interact with your customers.

So in this guide, we dive deep into the trends in customer expectations. After which, we explore the new ways of interacting and engaging with your customers in the age of digital transformation.

Here's what you'll find:

  • Trends in the car buyer persona

  • Car buyers are visiting fewer dealerships

  • How to improve your customer experience with digitalisation

  • The automotive customer journey

  • Engage with new audiences as they learn about your brand

  • Best practices in the automotive industry

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