All You Need to Know About Live Chat Software Guide

live chat software guide

Live chat software is far from being new technology, but you can use this tool in new ways to get creative with boosting sales and customer experience.

That's right, live chat isn't only for customer support, but can also be used as a catalyst for sales and marketing.
79% of businesses say that using live chat tools have had a positive impact on sales, revenue, and customer loyalty.

Will you be one of these businesses reaping the benefits of live chat?

We'll share with you the most important things to know about live chat software and the best practices for using it on your website.

In this guide, you'll learn : 

1. What is live chat?
2. The features to look for
3. How to know if live chat is right for you.
4. How to use live chat to boost sales
5. How to use live chat for efficient customer support
6. How to use live chat for marketing purposes
7. How to get started with live chat

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