Lead Capture Form Accessibility Checklist

Form accessibility checklist cover photo and a look inside the guide

As more services move online, the focus on making websites and applications accessible  is more important than ever before. It's all about making sure that everyone and anyone, regardless of disability can seamlessly interact and navigate with your business online. 

For marketers this means ensuring your lead forms and other website interactions are effective and optimised for web accessibility. Simple changes can make all the difference and help you build a user-friendly experience for every single visitor.

That's why we've creates a list of dos and don'ts to help you create and publish forms that help streamline your website design and usability. 

We share our 8 dos and don'ts list, including: 

• Best practice for combining colour and text 
• How to create clickable and seamless elements
• Designing for keyboard use and screen readers

Download our checklist and get insight into what you need to take into consideration! 

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