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How to use AI and Website Design to reduce your website’s bounce rate

Posted by Kimi Tiinus, on 13 April, 2022

Right now, you probably have a bunch of different tabs open on your computer or your phone. If you’re searching for specific information, you probably go to the browser bar rather than reading through...

Beyond the brochure - Using tech to captivate potential students

Posted by Senia Williams, on 14 September, 2020

  Choosing a university is one of the most difficult decisions for young adults. It’s often the first important decision they make by themselves, and it can be quite a nerve-wrecking process. Googling...

Smarketing and Customer Experience

Posted by Kimi Tiinus, on 25 August, 2021

How to deal with evolving customer demands in this new digital era? As the customer support, sales and marketing functions increasingly move to digital channels, great chatbot platforms, relevant cont...

A Customer Experience Model That Takes Businesses to the Next Level

Posted by, on 21 January, 2021

If you take a quick look at your online sales, what do you see? Have you got a successful digital business model generating all the leads and sales you need? Or maybe you have not yet got the results ...