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5 Benefits of Providing Personal Shopping Assistant Online

Posted by Daniel Paul, on 28 May, 2024

'If you're a shopper, your personal shopping assistant can help you make smarter choices. These assistants track products and prices for you, helping you find the right products at the right price. Th...

10 Best Customer Experience Podcasts in 2024

Posted by Daniel Paul, on 25 January, 2024

Do you like to hear personal anecdotes with a side of witty commentary? Or maybe you prefer discussions about the day-to-day challenges and wins of the customer experience world?

7 Must-Know Chatbot Benefits to Grow Your Business

Posted by Daniel Paul, on 5 October, 2023

In recent years, chatbots have come onto the scene, assisting businesses in serving consumers, enhancing user experience, and increasing sales. There are many wonderful benefits of using chatbots. The...

Chatbots vs Forms: Pros and Cons for Improving Customer Experience

Posted by Daniel Paul, on 16 October, 2023

Nowadays, businesses cannot afford to overlook the customer experience. Customers today demand nothing less than the best possible experiences when interacting with brands online. Businesses that can'...

Top 5 Telecommunications Industry Trends to Know in 2024

Posted by Daniel Paul, on 18 March, 2024

For years, telecommunications industry trends have been paving the way for technical advancement, always pushing the limits of communication and connectivity. From Alexander Graham Bell's first phone ...

Discover 7 Surprising Benefits of Using Live Chat in eCommerce

Posted by Daniel Paul, on 1 March, 2024

One of the main advantages of eCommerce is that it’s a simple way to engage with potential customers without having them come into your physical stores. To make the most of your online store, you shou...

7 Tips for Creating Unique Online Shopping Experiences

Posted by Daniel Paul, on 16 February, 2024

A unique shopping experience is crucial for selling products and services. The best way to do this is by creating an online shopping experience that allows people to buy and sell products directly fro...

Live Selling – The best way to sell to Gen-Z

Posted by Daniel Paul, on 15 February, 2024

Live selling is a new trend in eCommerce that is changing how people shop. This is because shoppers are more willing to purchase a product if they can do so with ease and convenience.

5 Shoppable Video Examples for Your eCommerce Store

Posted by Daniel Paul, on 21 December, 2023

Shoppable videos are a great way to showcase your products and give customers a seamless way to buy them. With an increasing amount of new shoppable video examples and use cases, businesses have been ...