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Giosg Interaction Designer makes it easy to create interactive content

Posted by, on 8 March, 2021

Online customer engagement software provider Giosg introduces Interaction Designer, a new tool that enables companies to easily create and publish interactive content without coding. Users can build d...

New giosg logo and brand video - Business up front, party in the back

Posted by, on 9 March, 2021

giosg is a vibrant, growing and innovative company formed by effective professionals with a cheerful attitude. To illustrate this we have published our new logo, which is a part of a bigger brand upda...

3 Predictions About the Future of Customer Experience

Posted by, on 2 March, 2021

We have been doing a lot of research around customer experience recently, really delving into into all things CX, not only defining concepts such as customer journey and touchpoints, but also figuring...

A Customer Experience Model That Takes Businesses to the Next Level

Posted by, on 21 January, 2021

If you take a quick look at your online sales, what do you see? Have you got a successful digital business model generating all the leads and sales you need? Or maybe you have not yet got the results ...

giosg launches new and improved mobile chat

Posted by, on 14 September, 2020

I bet many potential customers are scrolling your website at the bus stop or whilst sitting on the train, you wouldn’t want to miss out on reaching out to them, would you?

Giosg Helps Your Chatbot Become More Human

Posted by, on 2 March, 2021

Chatbots are your first line of customer service and a crucial part of your virtual assistance solution. As exciting it might be to have a face to face conversation with a robot, the technology still ...

UK Real Estate Online Engagement Study 

Posted by, on 10 April, 2018

These days, most house hunters browse for properties online, and they expect to get a response from property companies around the clock, not just during office hours. We work with some of the real est...