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Why Integrate Messaging Apps into Your Channel Mix

Posted by On-demand, on 26 February, 2021

Consumers want instant answers and are impatient. Hence, instant messaging has become part of our everyday lives. It is the closest to face-to-face customer-brand communication you can come in the dig...

Chatbots vs Chat: Which Conversational Tool to Use and When?

Posted by On-demand, on 26 February, 2021

Chatbots and live chat are both efficient channels for increasing your website conversions and lead generation. In this webinar, we will discuss the differences between the two.

Live Chat as a Sales Channel: Innovating Through #Stayhome

Posted by On-demand, on 9 March, 2021

As we all know, this spring has changed the sales environment radically. Especially online. Chat as a sales channel has been a great beneficiary of this transformation.

5 Steps to Improve Efficiency and Customer Experience

Posted by On-demand, on 26 February, 2021

Take your customer experience to the next level! Every single interaction and touchpoint a customer has online with your business directly influences their experience with your brand. CX remains a top...