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Yliopiston Apteekki, a pioneer in digital customer service

Asuntoyhtymä generates 300 new leads with a property portal bot

Finnish Centre for Pensions learns live chat best practice by doing

Skanska doubles the number of prospective buyers for their apartments

Rittal UK receives a 10/10 rating from customers for their chat service

The seamless collaboration between YTK’s chatbot and giosg’s chat enhances customer experience

VSP chose giosg as part of its contact center offering

Moment Group produces amazing numbers for their customers as a giosg Partner

S-Bank improves service efficiency with giosg Live Chat and Interaction Designer

Medialuotsi gets an important additional source of income with giosg

Estate agency JOHNS&CO converts 54% of chat conversations into leads

K-Caara closes over 250 car sales by taking sales agents online

West Herts College - implementing live chat for an efficient customer service

Danske Bank acquiring customers across an online partner network

ALD Automotive - Scaling customer communications by 15X without increasing team size

Neste - Supporting customer experience with live chat

Fonecta - 5X yearly growth in the sales of live chat resources

Live chat increases Delete's potential online business by 15 million

YIT converts apartment viewers with proactive sales chat

Tallink Silja doubles conversion rate using giosg live chat

The University of Derby Online Learning - using live chat to increase applications

Leading estate agency Connells Group establishes new revenue streams

Finnair takes off with chat-centred customer service