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Top 3 mistakes e-commerce businesses make on Black Friday

Posted by Alina Lehtinen-Vela, on 10 November, 2022

Black Friday is the busiest time for e-commerce businesses. In a recent survey by giosg, a staggering 73.3% of consumers are planning to shop this Black Friday. But is your e-commerce store ready for ...

5 Ways to increase your Average Order Value (Tips from Shark tank deal-maker)

Posted by Alina Lehtinen-Vela, on 20 January, 2023

Getting website traffic to your e-commerce site that converts to sales is no easy feat. That is why it is essential to get the most out of the traffic that does convert. Figuring out how to increase t...

How to optimize checkout page for maximum sales

Posted by Alina Lehtinen-Vela, on 30 August, 2023

The checkout page plays one of the most critical roles in your e-commerce store. You can potentially lose a customer for life if the checkout process isn’t smooth or if it raises red flags among websi...

Pro tips for fewer abandoned shopping carts on your e-commerce business

Posted by Alina Lehtinen-Vela, on 3 January, 2023

Abandoned shopping carts are one of the top issues e-commerce businesses want to tackle. Many factors influence shopping cart abandonment, so it can feel overwhelming to start optimising your checkout...

Best Discount Code Strategies for eCommerce Businesses

Posted by Alina Lehtinen-Vela, on 30 January, 2024

If you own an e-commerce business you are probably already using discount codes. But have you ever stopped to analyse how well your discount code strategy is actually working?

Tips for Cross-selling Like A Pro (Interview with an eCommerce Expert)

Posted by Alina Lehtinen-Vela, on 3 January, 2023

Cross-selling is a science. It takes skill and planning. But don’t be intimidated! We got your back with advice from a cross-selling pro. We interviewed Marketing Manager Jeff Moriarty from My Supplem...