Almega and Giosg Build AI Chatbot to Improve Member Services

To strengthen their offering, Almega has initiated a collaboration with the SaaS company giosg. Together with Almega, giosg will develop an AI-driven chatbot with live chat to provide a faster and better service for Almega's member companies.

Almega, Sweden's leading employers' organization for the service sector, provides high-quality services for its member companies, including legal advice and trade union negotiations. They also help members with simpler inquiries such as collective agreements.

In order to improve their member services and increase accessibility, Almega has decided to launch a live chat service and develop an AI-powered chatbot that will handle some of the incoming inquiries.

“By building an AI chatbot, Almega can offer an even better service 24 hours a day for its members. It also frees up time for Almega's employees to focus more on complex inquiries that a chatbot cannot handle, ”says John Goliats, Country Director at giosg.

The project will commence in the spring and then be launched after the summer.

"Giosg became the obvious choice for us at Almega as it's a strong player in the market with good references and also has a broad product range that can help us strengthen the relationship with our members in several areas," says Ferhan Koc, Head of Business Support at Almega.

Along with the project launch, giosg has chosen to sign a collective agreement with Almega.

"Many young tech companies do not have a collective agreement, and it feels very good to offer giosg's employees the security that a collective agreement entails," John Goliats concludes.

About Almega:

Almega is Sweden’s leading employers' organisation for the service sector. Almega is a safe place for companies that want to be good employers, without sacrificing profitability. Today, Almega represents over 11,000 companies in about 60 industries that employ over half a million people in Sweden.


About giosg: 

Giosg is a leading SaaS company that is changing the way companies interact with visitors online. By combining data and AI with feature-rich technology, we provide intuitive solutions that deliver the right triggers online, to the right person at the right time, so that your organization can function smarter.

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