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Navigating Digital Transformation in Pharma: Insights from Stan Karwowski

Digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry has a lot of challenges and opportunities. In our most recent podcast episode, Stan Karwowski, a veteran of pharma transformations, shares his exp...

Transforming Customer Experience: A Chat with Elin Melin Lundström

Today, we're diving into an enlightening conversation with Elin Melin Lundström. She is the head of e-commerce at Telia and has some profound knowledge to drop about online shopping and digital market...

Brand Promises While Customer Experience Delivers - Insights from Damian Kernahan

In this episode, our guest, Damian Kernahan,the CEO of Proto CX, offers profound insights into the distinction between customer satisfaction and the overarching customer experience.

The Power of Design in Telecom - A Deep Dive with Rick Farrell

Join us as we delve into a captivating conversation with Rick Farrell, the Founder and design partner of Thunk. As an industry luminary, Rick sheds light on the magic of design in transforming a compa...

The Importance of Strategy & Positioning in Telecom – Anders Holvøe

In this enlightening episode, we sit down with Anders Holvøe, the Former Head of Marketing at Telenor, to discuss the challenges and strategies behind balancing company growth with expenses.

Digital Transformation in Telecom Industry with Mike from BT and EE

Introduction In today's digital age, interactions play a pivotal role in defining our everyday lives. The Digital Commitment Podcast delves deep into the heart of what makes these digital interactions...