Debunking Myths in the Pharma Industry with Carlos Eid


We invite you into the world of a visionary orchestrating a healthcare revolution. Carlos Eid, the Executive Medical Director of Cardiovascular at Novartis International Medical Affairs, tunes in to share the harmonious blend of medicine, leadership, and the arts that shapes his approach to innovation and patient care.

A Multifaceted Journey Through the Lens of a Leader

Stepping into the studio with a presence as calming as the most soothing of melodies, Carlos Eid brings more than just a wealth of knowledge to the table. He carries a symphony of life experiences that interweave to form his leadership style—a crescendo of compassion, strategy, and innovation.

The Cadence of Care: A Doctor's Evolution

From the stringent schedules of clinical practice to the expansive arenas of pharmaceutical influence, Carlos has transitioned roles without missing a beat. He speaks of his evolution from a healer with a stethoscope to a global influencer in healthcare, where his decisions resonate with the health and well-being of countless hearts. His narrative is not one of leaving behind his medical roots but rather extending its branches to provide shade to a larger populace.

Composing the Future of Medical Engagement

In a world where the healthcare tempo is ever-changing, Carlos discusses the art of Medical Science Liaison (MSL) roles. He advocates for an early investment in these key players, akin to nurturing the first seeds of what will become a forest of medical advancements. By empowering MSLs with the right tools and upskilling opportunities, Carlos envisions a future where the potential of field medical professionals is fully realized.

Orchestrating Omni-Channel Success

The conversation shifts to the dynamic world of customer engagement, where Carlos makes a clear distinction between omnichannel and multi-channel strategies. With the precision of a maestro, he elucidates that true omni-channel engagement is not about the grandeur of technological displays but the seamless, customer-centric journey it curates.

In Tune with Technology: The AI Ensemble

Carlos acknowledges the prowess of AI in healthcare, likening its potential to a virtuoso in an orchestra, capable of enhancing the performance yet not overshadowing the human elements that are the soul of healthcare. He asserts the need for a balanced duet between AI and human expertise to create a symphony that resonates with empathy and efficiency.

The Crescendo of Customer Connection: Listening

In a powerful finale to our conversation, Carlos shares the most crucial piece of advice for those looking to innovate in customer engagement—listen. He encourages businesses to harmonize with the needs and rhythms of their customers, ensuring that solutions are not just heard but felt.

A Visionary's Parting Note

As we draw the curtains on this insightful session, Carlos leaves us with a thought that echoes long after the podcast has ended: the future of healthcare engagement is a tapestry woven with threads of innovation, empathy, and deep understanding. It's a tapestry that Carlos Eid helps to craft, one patient, one listener, one leader at a time.

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