Revolutionizing Customer Experience in Pharma -  Helge Tennø, MSD


In the latest episode of giosg's Digital Customer Experience podcast, host Daniel delves into the evolving world of customer experience with Helge Tennø, a renowned expert in the field. Tennø's insights offer a fresh perspective on integrating artificial intelligence (AI) and customer-centric strategies across various industries.

Helge Tennø: A blend of personal and professional insights

The conversation begins with Tennø sharing personal anecdotes, notably his foray into ultra mountain trail running, influenced by his wife's passion. This glimpse into his life sets the stage for a discussion that seamlessly blends personal experiences with professional expertise.

AI's role in elevating customer experience

Tennø highlights the pivotal role of AI in customer experience, cautioning against merely adding technological advancements without a fundamental understanding of customer needs. He underscores the necessity of a mindset shift within organizations to embrace customer-centricity truly.

The pharmaceutical industry: A case study in customer centricity

Based on his pharmaceutical sector experience, Tennø criticizes the industry's product-centric focus. He advocates for a deeper understanding of customer needs, emphasizing the importance of viewing customers within the context of larger systems.

Omnichannel strategies: Beyond multi-channel communication

Tennø challenges the common misuse of omni-channel strategies as mere multi-channel communication tactics. He proposes a holistic, long-term approach, focusing on cohesive, customer-focused outcomes and continuous improvement.

Key takeaways

The podcast concludes with Tennø offering valuable advice for aspiring customer service heads. Understanding customers' needs, differentiating between products, channels, and customers, and maintaining a curious mindset are crucial for success in this evolving field.

Helge Tennø's insights on giosg's podcast are enlightening and a call to action for organizations aiming to revolutionize their customer experience strategies. His blend of personal stories and professional expertise makes this episode a must-listen for anyone interested in the intersection of AI and customer-centricity in today's digital world.

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