Harnessing Digital Solutions in Pharma:  Deep Dive with Paulo Gentil


In the latest episode of the Digital Customer Experience Podcast by Giosg, host Daniel Paul engages in an enlightening conversation with Paulo Gentil, the Digital Solutions Manager at Abbvie.

Paulo is renowned for his customer engagement and advanced analytics expertise, managing CRM operations across multiple business units.

Paulo Gentil's journey and insights into digital customer experience

Paulo's journey is marked by his extensive experience and his approach to customer engagement in the digital era. He emphasizes the significance of digital transformation in today's business environment and the crucial role of change management in adapting to new digital solutions.

His insights are particularly relevant for industries navigating the challenges and opportunities presented by digital technologies.

The role of AI in enhancing customer engagement

A key focus of the podcast is the application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in improving customer engagement. Paulo discusses how AI can drive personalization in customer interactions, enhance decision-making, and foster innovation.

His analogy of AI to navigational tools like Waze, guiding but not dictating decisions, underscores the supportive role of AI in enhancing human capabilities.

The importance of data in decision making

Paulo stresses the pivotal role of data in making informed decisions. He challenges conventional wisdom with data-driven insights, highlighting the gap between perception and reality in customer preferences and behaviors.

This approach aligns with the broader theme of embracing technological advancements, including AI, for strategic decision-making.

Paulo's advice for aspiring digital leaders

In his final remarks, Paulo offers sage advice for those aspiring to lead in the digital realm. He advocates for patience, connection with people, and the importance of planning and reflection in one's career journey.

His personal experiences provide valuable lessons for aspiring digital solutions managers and leaders.

A glimpse into the future of digital customer experience

This episode of the Digital Customer Experience Podcast provides a comprehensive look into the evolving landscape of customer engagement and the transformative power of digital solutions.

Paulo Gentil's expertise and insights offer invaluable guidance for professionals navigating this dynamic field.

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