The Intersection of Tradition and Innovation in Car Sales - Rikke Aagaard Petersen

In an enlightening episode of the Digital Customer Experience Podcast by Giosg, we were joined by Rikke Aagaard Petersen, the dynamic Head of Marketing and Communications at Volvo Car Denmark. With an impressive career that spans various cultures and languages, Rikke brings a unique perspective to Volvo's strategic vision, particularly in the realms of digital transformation and the shift towards electric vehicles (EVs).

Embracing a Multicultural and Multilingual World

Rikke's passion for communication and languages is not just a personal trait but a professional asset. Her international experience and multilingual household reflect the global and inclusive approach Volvo Denmark strives for in connecting with customers across diverse backgrounds.

Volvo Denmark's Strategic Vision in the Automotive Industry

Under Rikke's leadership, Volvo Denmark is navigating the shift to electric vehicles with a clear focus on sustainability and innovation. The brand's commitment to becoming fully electric by 2030 is not just a response to environmental concerns but a reflection of a broader, consumer-driven shift towards greener alternatives.

The Role of Digital Transformation in Customer Experience

Digital transformation is at the heart of Volvo Denmark's strategy to enhance customer experiences. By bridging online and offline touchpoints, the brand ensures a seamless journey for customers, from the initial online exploration to the physical showroom visit. This integrated approach is crucial in meeting the modern consumer's expectations for convenience, efficiency, and personalization.

The EX30 Launch: A Case Study in Market Adaptation

The launch of the EX30, Volvo's small SUV, exemplifies the brand's ability to respond to market demands and open up to new customer segments. The success of the EX30, particularly in the Danish market, underscores Volvo's knack for innovation and its commitment to offering products that resonate with consumers' evolving preferences.

Looking Ahead: Volvo Denmark's Future Strategies

As Volvo Denmark looks to the future, the emphasis remains on electrification and enhancing digital customer experiences. The brand's approach goes beyond just selling cars; it's about creating a sustainable, customer-centric ecosystem that aligns with Volvo's core values of safety, quality, and environmental care.


Rikke Aagaard Petersen's insights from the podcast paint a picture of a brand that's deeply committed to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. Volvo Denmark's strategic vision, particularly in the transition to electric vehicles and digital transformation, offers valuable lessons for the automotive industry at large. As the brand continues to evolve, its focus on creating meaningful customer experiences and leading the charge in sustainability will undoubtedly set new standards for the future of automotive.

Curious to learn more about Volvo Denmark's pioneering strategies and Rikke Aagaard Petersen's role in shaping the future of automotive? Listen to the full podcast episode for an in-depth discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing the industry today.


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