Reinventing Customer Experience in the Pharmacy Sector with Maria Yazdi

In the latest episode of the Digital Customer Experience Podcast by Giosg, host Daniel Paul delves into a profound discussion with Maria Yazdi, the Head of Customer Service at Apotek Hjärtat. Maria is celebrated for her innovative approach to customer service, managing complex operations across a broad network of physical and digital platforms.


Journey and insights into digital customer experience

Maria's journey is highlighted by her extensive experience in the realm of customer engagement in the digital era. She emphasizes the criticality of digital transformation in today’s market and underscores the importance of seamless integration between digital and physical customer service channels.

The role of AI in customer service enhancement 

Maria explores how Artificial Intelligence (AI) can revolutionize customer engagement. She discusses AI’s role in personalizing customer interactions and enhancing decision-making processes, much like how navigational tools aid but do not dictate our choices.

Data-driven decision-making in customer engagement

Maria stresses the pivotal role of data in informed decision-making. She challenges the status quo with data-driven insights, revealing the discrepancies between perceived and actual customer preferences and behaviors, thereby advocating for a tech-forward approach in strategy formulation.

Advice for aspiring digital leaders in customer service

In her concluding thoughts, Maria offers valuable advice for future leaders in the digital and customer service sectors. Her guidance resonates with Paulo Gentil's wisdom, emphasizing patience, the importance of connecting with people, and reflective planning for career advancement.

A glimpse into the future of digital customer experience

This episode offers a comprehensive view of the evolving landscape of customer service in the digital age. Maria Yazdi's expertise and forward-thinking approach provide critical insights for professionals navigating this dynamic field, much like Paulo Gentil's contributions in his respective domain.

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