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Video | Interactive Content 101: Best use cases for modern websites

Join us for our webinar to learn how to create world-class customer experiences with interactive content and learn: Basics of interactive content Benefits of interactive content What kind of interacti...

Video: Boosting Black Friday Sales: Conversational Selling Made Simple

Join us for our free webinar that unveils the secrets to maximizing success in your eCommerce website through conversational sales.

Video: Improving Live Chat and Chatbots with AI in the Telecom Industry

Continuing from our previous webinar, we are going to take a closer look on how AI can used to improve live chat and chatbots in the telecom industry. We also share examples relevant specifically to t...

Video: Improving Live Chat and Chatbots with AI

This year AI has finally entered mainstream, largely thanks to ChatGPT. AI has become something more tangible and approachable for most of us in both of our personal and business life.

Video: How to Build a Chatbot for Lead Generation in 30 minutes

Start this year by automating a part of your website's lead generation! You can do that via efficient chatbots that are easy to build and even easier to place on your website.

Video: Delivering excellent customer service at scale

Supporting your customers in real-time with fast response and resolution times is music to your customers' ears. If these were accessories for your business in 2019, they have surely been crucial in t...

Video: Increasing lead quality via live chat and chatbots

Digital channels need to be in order if we want our businesses to succeed. Your website is one of the most, if not the most important platform where you need to make a great impression for your visito...

Video: 10 eCommerce tips to use this peak sales season

With the peak sales season fast approaching, the pressure is on for e-tailers to deliver seamless shopping experiences online. But how can you keep your eCommerce platform working at peak performance ...

Video: Why integrate messaging apps into your channel mix

Consumers want instant answers and are impatient. Hence, instant messaging has become part of our everyday lives. It is the closest to face-to-face customer-brand communication you can come in the dig...

Video: Chatbots vs Chat: Which conversational tool to use and when?

Chatbots and live chat are both efficient channels for increasing your website conversions and lead generation.

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