Video: Improving Live Chat and Chatbots with AI

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This year AI has finally entered mainstream, largely thanks to ChatGPT. AI has become something more tangible and approachable for most of us in both of our personal and business life. 

At giosg, we have followed this transition closely. We have learned more how AI can be used to improve service efficiency and even developed a whole new ChatGPT-based product. Now, we want to share this with you!


Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Customer service automation today
  • Choosing between different type of chatbots
  • AI improving live chat and chatbots: Case giosg and generative AI
  • What's the future of AI in customer service

Kimi Tiinus, Product Marketing Manager @ giosg

Kimi has the passion to bring companies’ brands and expertise to live on their website. He has the latest insights on how companies can improve their online experiences, customer service efficiency, and digital sales.

Petri Savolainen, Product Manager @ giosg

Petri has 10+ years of experience in helping organizations have more meaningful digital interactions. Most recently, he has been developing AI solutions at giosg and finding new ways for companies to automate their processes.

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